Condo Blues: I Got Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Got Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana


Not like THAT!

I’ll write a more detailed post on everything we did and all of the new toys tools I saw at the Craftsman DIY Blogger Summit in The Craftsman Experience later. However, if I don’t post something about the event as soon as I get home my dad and father in law might explode with curiosity! 

You don't want exploding Dads so close to Father's Day, BTW.

Before teaching at the Craftsman DIY Blogger Summit, Craftsman asked me to build a birdhouse.

 My birdhouse has curb appeal.

I did an interview on the Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana podcast to talk about my insane birdhouse and teaching at the Blogger Summit. I’m embedding a copy of podcast in case you missed it.

Listen to internet radio with Down and Dirty on Blog Talk Radio

Thank you to all who voted for my birdhouse! My birdhouse came in 4th place. Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson and Mike Senese co-host of the show Catch It Keep made to the final Mystery Build Off.

They made mailboxes. Mike's mailbox had a paper shredder so you can shred your junk mail and bills as soon as you pull them out of the mailbox - useful! Timothy’s mailbox fought back from darling boys with baseball bats -  maniacal! Timothy won.

The mailbox turns on a lazy Susan when hit. Then it smacks the assailant with a 
wooden Ogre sword and saw blade.  I loves it.

The surprises didn’t stop there. Notice the Lady Gaga-esque microphone I’m wearing? They live streamed my build and super sweet hole saw technique during the event!

 Rock star or just a dork with a drill?

One of my fellow instructors Holly Conrad made a video that captured the spirit of the event perfectly. We met cool people, made quirky stuff, and nobody lost a body part to saw blades. Yay!

Disclosure:  Craftsman company paid for my airfare and travel expenses for this trip.
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Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks for your hard work and expert instruction. I was having a blast; sorry I had to leave early.

Timothy said...

Great to meet you Lisa - I wish I had time to build one of those cornhole games!

You may have taken the only photo of the mailbox pre-destruction. I'm glad you liked it.

Keep in touch!

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