Condo Blues: This Isn’t’ a Real Post. This is Me Being Grateful Instead. You've Been Warned.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Isn’t’ a Real Post. This is Me Being Grateful Instead. You've Been Warned.

There’s a reason why I am a green DIY blogger instead of a Slice of Life blogger. I absolutely stink at kicking the personal and emotional door in and letting my innermost thoughts and feeling spill onto the Internet like the many bloggers I admire. I’m going to try my hand at it today. Please forgive me if I stumble.

First things first.

Thank you.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised enough money to pay for Blitzkrieg first two chemotherapy treatments within the first 24 hours of taking donations for the Blitzkrieg Cancer Treatment Fund.

Please don't think that money is the only way you can help us. There are many people who have said insensitive things to Husband and I once we started telling people the news. They think we're crazy and stupid for treating Blitzkrieg. It is sad because some of those people are pet owners too.

Husband and I are focusing on how much so many of you and our friends love our little dog to bits instead. The out pouring of love and support from your comments, tweets, emails, and Facebook status messages mean just as much to us as a financial donation.

Husband said he doubted strangers would donate money to people or a dog they didn't know.

Clearly, my Husband doesn't know the power of the blogging and social media community. He does now. Husband is floored that so many kind strangers have been so supportive. Honestly, I'm amazed and humbled the way you are supporting us too. Thank you for helping us help our boy.

Last week, during our preliminary oncology appointment at OSU Veterinary Hospital, they put Blitzkrieg on steroids because his tonsils and the lymph nodes in his back legs were very swollen. Blitzkrieg didn’t want to walk as long or as far as we normally do on our daily walks.

This week, the oncologist said Blitzkrieg is responding to the steroids and they are pleased to find the swelling in his tonsils and lymph nodes is greatly reduced. This is a good sign because long walks make Blitzkrieg happy. Today Blitzkrieg and I were able to take a longer walk than we have been recently. This is very good!

However, I don’t have the heart to tell Blitzkrieg that being on medically prescribed steroids disqualifies him from competing in the London Olympics.

What?! Are you kidding me IOC? You made that up because you 
don't want me to win gold in the Biathlon this Summer, right?! 

(The kid's on a roll. I'm not going to correct him that Biathlon is a Winter Olympic event, or that he hasn't been training for it, or that we don't even own the equipment to make biathlon training possible. I'm especially not bringing up the fact Blitzkrieg doesn't have thumbs because he thinks it's discriminatory when I do even thought I think thumbs are the thing that makes target shooting possible. )

Yesterday Blitzkrieg had his first chemotherapy treatment at OSU Veterinary Hospital thanks to all of you. It was tougher day than I expected. I kept looking for Blitzkrieg around the house only to realize he was at the hospital having poisons pumped into his body to kill the cells that are poised to kill him.

The hospital said Blitzkrieg was very good, charmed the staff, and quickly had the vet tech who treated him wrapped around his paw. That’s my boy!

Blitzkrieg fell asleep in his car seat on the way home from the hospital. Husband carried him from the car and put him on pillow in the living room. Blitzkrieg looked at me with that big soulful brown eye and gave his tail a flip. Blitzkrieg was happy to see me but clearly he was worn out.

The hospital sedated Blitzkrieg as a precaution given his past abuse issues. 
The little guy takes after me. I get whuggy from anesthesia too.

Though our behavioral training, we learned when dogs are sick or injured they distance themselves from the pack, unlike humans who crave comfort when they are ill. I expected Blitzkrieg to keep to himself last night. I was glad when I finally came downstairs for some quality Glee on the TV and me on the sofa time, Blitzkrieg moseyed over to the sofa and asked for permission to join us. Blitzkrieg wedged himself between Husband and I on the sofa. Clearly he was feeling well enough to join the pack.

Either that or he prefers watching the dance numbers in Glee on the bigger TV in the living room. 

I think it was the TV thing. You know how guys like their big TV sets.

Today, Blitzkrieg is still a little tired but he’s perking up as the day progresses. He’s already tried to beg me out of my morning coffee and afternoon peppermint tea, my morning vitamins, and my lunch – Blitzkrieg business as usual.

Your messages really help. Yesterday was not as a productive day as it should be without my trusty Office Manager by my side. I stumbled over my words and rambled too much for my liking during my Earth Day Crafts interview on Fave Crafts radio.

Truthfully, it’s hard to be all, “Yay be green! Kiss a baby while wearing nontoxic lipstick!” for Earth Day as I am called upon to be as a green DIY blogger when right now in my heart I’m thinking, “It doesn’t matter a hill of beans that I cleaned my house with nontoxic cleaners, and made sure Blitzkrieg used parabin free products, and ate high quality food. My boy got sick with lymphoma. It’s not environmental. It just happens. I could have filled the house with nuclear waste and the outcome would have been the same.”

Nevertheless, for now, I’m trying to focus on the positive.

And say thank you with all of my heart.

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