Condo Blues: Blitzkrieg is Losing the Lymphoma Fight

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blitzkrieg is Losing the Lymphoma Fight

We are losing the cancer fight. We put Blitzkrieg on a different chemo protocol after the our first protocol of the aggressive Kick Cancer's Ass and Take Names CHOP protocol failed to keep Blitzkrieg’s cancer in remission.

I totally play the cute dog with cancer card to convince Lisa to l stay home from band practice and stuff me full of salmon steaks - doctor's orders! Sitting on her practice flag also helps.

If Blitzkrieg responded to the second chemo protocol we were looking at months with him instead of up to a year like we might have had with CHOP.

The second chemo protocol failed.

We put Blitzkrieg on third chemo protocol. The prognosis and expiration date is the same as the second. We wouldn’t have up to a year with Blitzkrieg but we could have a pretty dang good summer. Husband and I kicked Operation: Best Damn Doggie Summer into overdrive.

My Condo Blues appearance contract specifically states I earn treats posing
for ALL PHOTOS Lisa! That includes Instagram!

Blitzkrieg’s doctors were concerned Blitzkrieg’s weight is down. We fed him extra helpings of breakfast and dinner. We use every excuse to have him earn treats. Blitzkrieg welcomes the extras and gobbles them up wholeheartedly.

Is that a carrot I see before me? Gimmie!

Blitzkrieg responded well to the first dose of the new chemotherapy protocol. Soon after, I noticed a bulge under Blitzkrieg's eye

The bulge is cancer.

Last Thursday the oncologist said Blitzkrieg isn't responding to the second chemo protocol. Did we want to try a third? Yes, absolutely! If Blitzkrieg's body accepts the third chemotherapy protocol, the expected prognosis would be the same as the second drug. 

Husband and I were drained after picking Blitzkrieg up from the vet hospital and the news. We went to a pub for dinner. We talked about how we hoped the third protocol might work for Blitzkrieg since his appetite is up and he is asking for lap time and cuddles.

Husband and I were asked to monitor the swelling mass under Blitzkrieg's eye over the weekend. If the swelling went down, it is a sign Blitzkrieg is responding to the third chemo protocol.





The third time is not a charm.

The swelling is still there. In fact, it's a little worse.

Blitzkrieg is not getting a break. Blitzkrieg is experiencing every side effect and drug failure that can happen. It is extremely unusual for this to happen in canine lymphoma. His medical team cares for him so much. He is one of their favorite patients. They tell us at every opportunity that he is a favorite and they are pulling for Blitzkrieg.

His doctors discussed why Blitzkrieg is in the rare exception to the lymphoma rules amongst themselves and looked for an answer or alternative for us.

Long story short, there is nothing we can or haven't done. We are losing the battle. We do not have months or even end of summer anymore. All we can do now is to make Blitzkrieg comfortable. The doctor expressed her sorrow at our situation. She said we have to discuss End of Life things. She used the E word.

I hung up the phone and saw Blitzkrieg laying at my feet. He looked up at me with that swollen eye and gave his tail a come pet me flip. I bent down to scratch him behind his ear, crumbled into a ball on the cold kitchen floor, and bawled.

Blitzkrieg sat and watched.

Through all of this Blitzkrieg has been eating, snuggly, and in good spirits. Husband observed last week Blitzkrieg is not ready to leave us yet and I agreed. Blitzkrieg always has been an independent dog. Last week, we discussed that maybe Blitzkrieg will leave us on his own terms, not cancers.

That most likely is not the case.

PS: My apologies for using Instagrams for the photos in this post. My fingers are barely typing on the correct keys on my keyboard. Finding and editing real photos isn't happening today.

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Kathy said...

This just breaks my heart! I can't even imagine how much you must hurt right now! One of my dogs is half peke, so seeing Blitzkreig's little face reminds me of him. Feed your boy lots of salmon, and bacon, and treats. Love him. Pet him. And, while you probably can't even think about it right now, if you ever get to the "E word," I know a lot of people who have fed their dog a giant chocolate bar, or some equally dog-forbidden last meal so they go off super happy.

Krissy said...

Words can't even express how badly I feel that this is's not fair!! Please be comforted by the fact that Blitzkrieg knows how much you love him. I'm keeping you all close in my thoughts and sending you strength.

Kristi said...

That is so sad, I am crying, I was hoping your poor little puppy would get a miracle! But I am glad that Blitzkreig is going to leave on his own terms. I am happy that he is giving you and your husband the happy go lucky puppy you love and know. Much blessings for you three.

Ctrl-Alt-Health said...

I'm so sorry that this is happening. I know when I had to lose my furbaby it was the worst, I cried for days! And I had only had him for a year! Have you checked into any alternative treatments, like green juices or supplements? I was going to recommend green juices, but I also came across this website too and I don't know if it would be helpful at all. You've got a ton of us out here supporting you and virtually hugging both you and Blitzkreig with everything you are going through!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

We researched. Unfortunately Blitzkrieg's lymphoma isn't responding to any of his treatment options. His doctors feel awful. They know his past and have been working so hard and researching options for us too. They feel just as we do, that we are put here to make up for what horrible things happened to Blitzkrieg during the first year and a half of his life. There just aren't any more options left.

Mary said...

I'm so sad for you guys and this really tough time you're having to go through, but I love hearing how you have been Blitzkrieg's champions ever since he came to you, and I love hearing how much your dear puupy means to the two of you.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Oh, Lisa. I'm so sorry for your family. This is such a sad story, but of think how much you did for that dog. I know it hurts to feel so powerless. Just keep loving him to the very end.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I'm so very sorry to hear that. :( Thinking of you...

Robj98168 said...

I can't type right now through the tears. I am so so sorry to hear about Blitzy's prognosis. Sending lots of love and happy thoughts your way,
Rob and Romeo

Amy sharp said...

Sending love xo

Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry. Reading your post, I looked down at my own beloved furball, then cried right along with you. :(

Christina said...

I'm so, so sorry, Lisa. He was a sweet pup who knew nothing but endless love from the first day he came home with you. You showed him that there were good people in the world to trust and love, and he showed you the sweet personality underneath his past experiences in return.

He was lucky to have you, but you and Roy were lucky to have him, too. Big hugs to you.

Unknown said...

You and Roy are amazing. I will continue to send good thoughts to you two and Blitzkrieg.

Anonymous said...

words can not express how sorry I am.
Your cousin

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