Condo Blues: 4 DIY Twitter Handle Necklaces

Sunday, August 5, 2012

4 DIY Twitter Handle Necklaces

When I go to a blog conference or am lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event, I notice several women wearing Twitter handle necklaces. This is a great way to let people you just met to know your Twitter handle so they can follow you after the conference or event.

Between going to Blissdom and prepping for BlogHer, my world turned upside down. I did not have the time or energy to have a Twitter necklace made even though I had paid for all of my BlogHer expenses pre-canine cancer and everyone insists I still go to BlogHer.

A free-to-every-customer-who-walks-through-the-door Mod Podge make and take event at Michael's (AKA not a blogger thing)  gave me the idea to try to make a Twitter necklace. 

Then I made three more. (It pays to tidy up your craft room, you find stuff to make stuff.)

Two of them use reclaimed materials because I gotta be me. 

How to Make a Twitter Bird Pin

I made this at the Michael’s event to support my bloggy friend Cathie Filian, who, with her business partner Steve Piacenza, created the new Mod Podge Elements line of plastic shapes and packs of decorative papers. If you aren’t into wearing plastic or are trying to reduce your plastic use, this idea may not be for you. Keep reading! There is something for everyone.

I put a bird on it.

 1. I traced the bird shape on the decorative paper with a pencil, cut it out with scissors, along with the flower from another piece of ‘Podgable paper and attached them to the back side of the bird with Mod Podge.

2. I added a coat of Mod Podge to the paper on the back of the bird to seal it after the first coat dried.

3. I brought a sheet of my Twitter handle  laser printed in various font sizes with me to the store. Mod Podge will not smear laser printer ink. I cut out and Mod Podged my Twitter handle to the front. 

4. When the Mod Podge dried, I covered the paper with my Twitter handle in Dimensional Magic to see what the what is all about with Dimensional Magic because I've heard so much about it. Is is hard to see in this photo, the Dimensional Magic is a clear coat that make the paper look like resin. Very cool and as you will shortly see, addicting.

5. I used Mod Podge to add a blue bead from my Grandma's beading stash for an eye when I got home. I could have easily made it into a necklace if I drilled a hole into the bird but I think this bird is a little big for a short person like me. Instead, I used E6000 glue to glue a pin back to the back of the bird so I can pin it onto my tote bag or conference lanyard.

How to Make a Poker Chip Twitter Necklace

I found a plastic disk that came with mini cheese while cleaning my craft room. You can use a wood disc from the craft store, a large button, or a poker chip for this project if you are not a cheese fiend.

1. I drilled a hole at the top of the chip with a small drill bit and my drill.

2. I traced the disc on blue paper with a pencil and cut it out with nail scissors to make sure I cut a round circle without little nubbies.

3. I traced a spool of thread on green decorative paper and cut it out with the nail scissors.

4. I attached the blue circle to the disc with Mod Podge. When it was dry, I used the same technique to attach the green circle to the disc.

5. I cut a laser print of my Twitter handle from a piece of paper and Mod Podged it to the necklace. If you have an inkjet printer, put your printed paper in the freezer for 24 to keep the Mod Podge from smearing the inkjet ink.

6. I poked a hole in the paper with a straight pin and used it to widen the circle.

7.   I covered the disc with Dimensional Magic to give it a glossy texture. I let it dry over night.

Tip: A folded piece of paper in the hole keeps the Dimensional Magic from filling and closing it.

8.      I grabbed the last of my Grandmother’s bead and jewelry making stash. I attached a figure 8 of wire to the disc to hang my necklace. I strung a few beads on a headpin, used needle nose pliers to make a loop and attached it to my pendent with a jump ring.

How to Make a Picture Frame Twitter Necklace

This is an easy one. Especially for those of you who aren’t DIYers or make jewelry.

I saw necklace frames at craft store after I got my from my BlogHer business card sponsor Magnets on the Cheap and got an idea!

You can buy a smaller frame if you want to show off one blog/Twitter handle.

1.      I opened the frame necklace, cut my business card to size, and put it in the jewelry frame.

2.      I strung it on a necklace chain I already had.

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Twitter Necklace

I hummed the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean while making this project because it looks piraty. 

  1. I cut the craft stick to size with a pair of scissors. I smoothed the cut edge with sandpaper.

  1. I stained the Popsicle stick with wood stain. I also stained the paper with my Twitter handle with old coffee grounds. 
  1. After the wood stain dried, I drilled two holes for the grommets on either side of the craft stick using an electric drill.
  1. I traced the Popsicle stick on an old book page, and cut it out. I also cut my Twitter handle from the coffee stained paper.
  1. I singed the edges of both pieces of paper using a candle. I recommend you do this part outside and have plenty of extras on hand in case you paper goes whoosh! up in flames as mine did (more than once.)   
  1. Use the Mod Podge to attach the paper to the Popsicle stick and allow it to dry. 

  1. Slowly drill two holes in each side of the craft stick. Go slow so you won’t crack the thin wood. 
  1. Put the metal eyelets through the holes and crimp them with a grommet crimping tool

This tool sets large and small size grommets. 

  1. Add a top coat of matte Mod Podge to seal the paper or a top coat of Dimensional Magic to seal the paper and add a raised glossy texture. 
  1. I attached two wire wrapped figures 8s to each grommet to hang my necklace and strung it on a purchased beaded necklace.

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Mary said...

These look groovy! I especially like the piraty-looking one. Clever girl;)

Amy* said...

These are all so cool! I wish I had this post before I went to Michael's and stood in the bead aisle for an hour wondering what to do :) At least It gave me an excuse to play with shrink plastic. Thanks for all the great tips...must pin for later. Great meeting you at Blogher!


Unknown said...

Super cute!

Lisa said...

Those are awesome. You could start your own business with those!

Tauni said...

What a fun project. I wish I would have known you were at BlogHer this year, it would have been lovely to meet in person.

xoxo, Tauni

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