Condo Blues: 25 DIY Superhero and Villian Costumes

Monday, October 8, 2012

25 DIY Superhero and Villian Costumes

Confession time. With superhero movies hitting the theaters, nephews who like superheros, and needing an escape from last summer's canine cancer battle Husband dabbled a bit in his childhood comic book hobby with an electronic subscription (much cheaper, greener, and he has access to comics published before, during, and after the time he spent all of his childhood paper route money on comic books.)

And he brought me along for the ride.

I had to read the paper books he kept from kid hood to save my marriage.

Are any of you buying that?

I thought not.

Since it is in our backyard, Husband and I got our geek on at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con 'cause you know how we are total sci fi nerds, into supporting local events.

Husband got into talking to the comic book artists he admired and collected. As a former costumer, I got into the cosplayers - the patrons who created and dressed up as their favorite characters from TV, movies, books, and video games. The detail on some of the costumes is amazing. Others were cheesy on purpose - my wacky sense of humor admires that too.

If you are looking for Halloween costume inspiration, this is the place to be.

Hero Costumes

Starting top left Hawkeye and Black Widow (The Avengers), Optimus Prime (Transformers), American Dream (sorta related to Captain America), Kilowog (Green Lantern) The Question (DC Comics), Supergirl and Superman (DC Comics.)

Tank Girl gets a big stand a lone photo because I think Tank Girl is awesome.

 Tank Girl lives in a tank in post apocalyptic Australia, likes blowing stuff up, crazy hair color, lip gloss, and has a mutant kangaroo boyfriend named Booga. My teenaged self was at one with her fighting overloads because I could totally relate. I mean, I had a curfew, wore lip gloss, and actually got grounded by my parents. Oh! The oppressive suburban life!

Best Photo Bomb of The Day goes to the Batmen. The purposefully cheesy blue Batman photo bombed everyone with a giant cartoon bomb.

 Back row to front: Robin (DC Comics), Batman (DC Comics), Batman(DC Comics), Spiderman (Marvel Comics), Deadpool (Marvel Comics), Link (The Legend of Zelda)

You can't have fictional heroes without fictional villains. We saw some baddies too.

Villain Costumes

 The Black Cat (Spiderman), Predator (Predator), Gambit (X Men), Bane (Batman), Harley Quinn (Batman)

I am grateful the heroes where there to keep the bad guys in check. These two gallant timey wimey gentleman saved me from a scary Dalek!

The Doctor (Doctor Who #10), The "Doctor" (Doctor Who, The Next Doctor Christmas Special), Dalek (Doctor Who, Victory of the Daleks), and me (not realizing until now I'm doing the same pose as Doctor Who #3 did in an old promo photo. Yep I'm Whovian.) 

The Doctors are father and son. Both of the Doctors carried the appropriate sonic and not so screwdrivers! Does The Next Doctor deserve Dad of the Year or what?  

TV and Movie Costumes 


They aren't comic book characters but are so cool I want to show you. The Predator costume is in this post twice because I am so impressed. I don't know how long it took him to fabricate his costume or the cost, but it is so impressive it deserves a second look.

Starting top left: Lego man, Merida (Brave) Dexter (Dexter's Lab. Did you know I can do Dexter's voice? True story), Predator (Predator)

There was one comic book hero missing - The Technician. Craftsman partnered with DC Comics to create The Technician - the guy who fixes what needs to be fixed in the Hall of Justice. You can get a free copy of the comic book at the Craftsman booth at the New York Comic Con. I have never, ever wanted a comic book so badly in my life!

Husband said if I ever did a cosplay character I should do The Technician because I am the household Ms. Fix it, grew up reading DC Comics, and I have Craftsman tools to use as props. Plus his jumpsuit is more forgiving than Wonder Woman's spandex pants.

If, like me,  you can't get to the New York Comic Con,  you can download a copy on the DC Comics app and at You can also submit a plot for the hero. I hope that means there are more Technician books in the future because I love it when my two worlds collide.

OK, OK. I know. Craftsman clearly created The Technician to promote their new Bolt On tool line but I loved it anyway. It's a fun read. Since I am the fix it gal around here and my goal is to encourage women to stop making Honey Do lists and start making Do It Yourself Honey! lists I'm falling head over heels for their concept of  fininishing a DIY project "makes you feel like a superhero" because let me tell you from experience it does.

A Justice League comic book shows Craftsman has a great sense of humor when it comes to showing off what their tools can do. I can't see any other tool brand doing something fun like this other than Craftsman. *tips hat*

The Bolt On tools aren't in stores yet. If you are interested in learning about them Stuart over at ToolGyd did a great overview on Craftsman Bolt-On System.

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