Condo Blues: 5 Fall Fun and Howling Halloween Projects

Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Fall Fun and Howling Halloween Projects

Kristina from Claiming Our Space asked me to co-host her Fall and and Howling Halloween Link Party along with the fabulous  The Chic GeekSecond Chance to DreamMaking My Apt a Home, The Cookie a Day Challenge, and Domestic Randomness here on Condo Blues.

I  love that I got to introduce my super crafty DIY friends to my clever green living friends. I feel like the hostess of a successful dinner party. I'm the Yenta of the blogging world introducing all of you over there to all of you over there!  I met a slew of new people myself too.

Wowzers gang. Your projects knocked my socks off! Kristina suggested the co-hosts pick a few favorites and share them on our blogs. It wasn't easy!

EcoKaren's starched cheesecloth  Eco-Friendly Halloween Ghost is exactly what I look for in a green craft. It is made with eco friendly materials and so clever you may not realize it is made with eco friendly materials  All you notice is the festive little ghostie.


Good Girl Gone Green's Apple Pie Smoothie recipe makes me glad I have a big bag of apples in refrigerator. My little lactose intolerant heart did a jump when I saw she makes her smoothie with almond milk. I can drink it! I need to look into more vegan smoothie recipes...

What Happens at Grandma's Paper Mache Monsters are so cute and silly I'd be tempted to keep them out all year long. They remind me of something that stepped out of Monsters, Inc.

Girl Gone Green came back around and added her No Bake Peanut Butter Fudge recipe to the party and for that I am grateful. I have to bring snacks to a party and this will do nicely!

Cheryl from Sew Can Do is a sewing master and I love reading her blog. How can you not fall for her little Princess Merida Costume? Sewing period clothing for toddlers is difficult because of the unfamiliar layers. Cheryl solves that by creating a false top and sleeve chemise and sewing it to the dress. She even made the wig!


If I featured your project in this post, Kristina made a button you can add to your blog below.

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Check out the Fall and and Howling Halloween Link Party projects our co-hosts liked on their blogs Claiming Our SpaceThe Chic GeekSecond Chance to DreamMaking My Apt a HomeThe Cookie a Day Challenge, and Domestic Randomness.

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Unknown said...

Great features. I picked the eco-friendly ghost too! Thanks for being a great co-host!

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