Condo Blues: 10 Minute Gift: Cabinet Knob and Wine Cork Bottle Stopper

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 Minute Gift: Cabinet Knob and Wine Cork Bottle Stopper

I decant our big ol' bottle of mouth wash into a prettier and easier to mange glass bottle. I'm surprised I haven't broken the bottle over the years given my traditional zombie like state as I get ready in the morning.

Basic green mouthwash rates a 3-4 (moderate hazard) on EWG's Skin Deep database so that's what I buy. Also, we hate the taste of the lower rated mouthwashes - blergh!

Instead of accidently breaking the bottle, Husband and I break the cork bottle stopper just to keep life interesting.


On a recent lunch date with an out of town friend followed by some serious drooling at a nearby Anthropologie, I came up with a plan to make an unbreakable (but cute!) bottle stopper for my bathroom.

How to Make a Bottle Stopper

You will need:

Cabinet knob (yep I bought mine at Anthro)
cork (I repurposed a wine cork from our collection of wine corks waiting for a new life)
Drill and drill bit the same diameter as the cabinet knob screw
10 minutes or so

Do it:

1. Use the drill to drill a hole in the center of the wine cork.

Clamping the cork in a vice may help you drill the hole straight down the center of the cork. If you don't have a vice, don't worry about it. Go slow and you should be fine.

2. Thread the knob screw into the hole in the cork. 

My knob came with washers. I kept the washer on screw to keep the knob from biting into the cork over time.

3. Thread a second washer (if applicable) onto the bottom of the cork and screw the washer nut onto the bottom of the knob.

Yes. That. Easy.

4. Put a cork in it. You're done!

Cabinet knob bottle stoppers are a quick 10 minute gift or stocking stuffer idea.

It probably goes without saying, you can also use these DIY bottle stoppers to cap off an open bottle of wine.  Husband and I took one for the team and tested it for you.

You're welcome.

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