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Monday, December 10, 2012

West Elm Confetti Garland Knock Off

I found a bag of purple glass ball ornaments covered in hot glue and foam from a failed Christmas wreath project in the garage this year. A few hours of picking hot glue off the salvageable Christmas balls I have enough to hang them on my DIY garden trellises to turn them into trellis Christmas trees.

I made the stars from recycling bin cardboard using the tutorial in The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2 (one of last year's Christmas gift. Thanks sis!)

It looks like I accidentally changed the outdoor Christmas decor color scheme to purple, silver, and turquoise from red and white sparkly glam Christmas decor.  That's OK. Change is good.

I need something to tie the greenery around the door to the trellis Christmas trees near the yard. I thought I found it in West Elm's Confetti System Garland but it only comes in red.

A few days later I got blue and turquoise tissue paper in a delivery.

Light bulb moment!

How to Make West Elm Paper Confetti Garland

You will need:

Four inch x four inch square paper pattern
4 sheets of dark blue paper (I used tissue paper but something like scrapbook paper is easier to sew and won't wrinkle like my tissue paper garland)
2 sheets of turquoise paper
Aluminum foil (this was hard to sew without tearing. If I couldn't find a shiny scrapbook type paper, I would probably skip this the next time I do it.)
sewing machine
a bit of patience

Do it:

1. Use the paper pattern and scissors to cut the papers and foil into 4 x 4 inch squares.

2. Fold each square into a triangle.

3. Use the sewing machine to sew the triangles together in a long line. This is where the little bit of patience comes in because you need to go slow when sewing tissue paper. My regular sewing machine foot made marks on my test pieces. I switched to my smaller zipper foot to make them less noticeable (again, I don't think marks will be an issue with heavier paper.)

4. Hang up your confetti garland and celebrate!

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j. wilson said...

i lvoe a resourceful holiday! i've still got piles of newpsaper and egg cartons...need to make something!

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