Condo Blues: Finally Curbside Recycling!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally Curbside Recycling!

Hey, waitaminute Ms. Green Blogger I thought you already recycled?

Yep. We do.

We bagged our paper, glass, metal, and plastic, stuck it in the car trunk, and drove it to a city dumpster because the paid subscription service was so unreliable even die hard greenies gave up on it. The freebie dumpster option worked OK unless we got busy and the recycling piled up or I forgot to drop it off at the dumpster while running errands. I can't tell you how many times I drove around town with trash in my trunk until I remembered I had trash in my trunk.

Not to mention the other items we collect and drop off for recycling at local stores:

  1. Plastic cosmetic tubes can be recycled at any Origins store or counter
  2. Hard plastic bottle caps can be recycled at any Aveda store
  3. Batteries can be recycled at Easton Town Center (local folks) and any Batteries Plus store
  4. CFLs can be recycled at any Home Depot store
  5. Lithium ion batteries (for tools) can be recycled at any Home Depot store
  6. Eyeglasses can be recycled through the Lion's Club (your eye doctor may have a bin in their office.) The Lion's Club regrinds the lens and gives the glasses to needy people.
  7. Number 5 plastic can be recycled at Whole Foods through Preserve's Gimmie 5 Program

This isn't as crazy as it sounds (I hope) because I combine trips to a city dumpster with recycling items one through three at the mall and do a little window shopping while I'm at it (I leave my debit card at home to make sure it is just window shopping and not buying out Celebrate Local.) I don't often have items four through six, item seven is new for us. The city recycling program takes #5 bottles but not #5 tubs.

So yeah, Columbus finally got with the program and rolled out free curbside recycling.  Columbus had the lowest recycling rates around.  They were mystified why so few people didn't pay for a subscription service with an itty bitty bin that alternated between working and not or didn't want to ride around with trash in their trunk until they remembered to take it to a free city recycling dumpster. Because both options are a pain in the tush that's why!

Believe it or not, the city wasted money on a big study on this when asking why on their Facebook wall would do. The city leaders did the math and realized they better do something to change that or eventually build another landfill (no thanks.)

I gotta say it is pretty darn nice to dump our classy indoor recycling bin (the kitchen trash can from our old rental) into a curbside bin instead of road tripping it to the fire station. Best of all, I don't have to bag my recycling any more. Between careful shopping, concentrating on reusable instead of disposables, recycling, and composting our weekly trash fits into a grocery bag. My current roll of kitchen trash bags is going to last even longer than usual.

Do you have curbside recycling? How does your program work?

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