Condo Blues: Garage Door Dining Room Table

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Garage Door Dining Room Table

It is no secret that I am not in love with my dining room table. It needs refinishing or repainting or hacked to pieces with an ax to fit my design aesthetic.

But I don't own an ax.

Husband won't let me replace it because he spent his kid life eating around that very table. I respect that and  use a table cloth instead. It looks much better and is way cheaper than buying a new table. It is less work than refinishing or repainting it too - for now.

I use this tablecloth all the time.
My mom embroidered this tablecloth before I was born. 

That doesn't stop me from window drooling shopping over new tables. Especially when they are made from repurposed materials.

Can you believe this table was a garage door?

My jaw dropped when I saw member jmitch77 post his dining room table on Instructables. The honey color wood with what I thought was wood inlay caught my eye.

My jaw dropped even further when I read he made this table from an old wood garage door. Removing 60 years of paint from the door made it a time consuming upcycling project. He chose to cover the top in resin which cost more than buying a new table. Resin is not the most Eco friendly choice but understandable. He wanted to level the door while still showing off the beauty of the wood door.

Beautiful it is!

Now I am tempted to troll back alleys for old garage doors. What about you?

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