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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Latest DIY Project!

Sometimes putting off a Must Do that's on your To Do list for too long bites you in the hard drive.

Welcome to my latest (and unwanted) DIY project!

computer gamer's case
This is my computer and very messy desk.

Yep. That's my computer, or as I like to call it the brains of this blogging outfit.

Instead of buying a whole new computer, Husband and I replace or upgrade the parts as needed. Sometimes we swap components between the two of us because he and I build our computers to do slightly different things. If we can't use it, we donate the old parts to a local charity that uses them to build Linux computers for the undeserved.

However,  a Want To Upgrade Project is a bunch more fun and less annoying than a Have to Replace and Upgrade Because My Hard Drive Took a Dirt Nap in The Middle of an Important Project Project.

Replacing the hard drive is no big deal because I already had a spare. (What? You mean normal people don't have a closet full of spare computer parts? Huh.) It looks scary but is pretty easy as long as you follow a few rules about keeping it static free (that's what the black rubber mat does) and not touching certain parts with your fingers (the oils can ruin them) you'll be fine.

After that, is it just a matter of installing a newer version of Windows and a whole bunch of this.

Click. Wait a lot. Click. Wait some more. Dig around the office for more software CDs. Rinse. Repeat.

What are you doing today?

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