Condo Blues: We're Kicking the Flavored Creamer Habit

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're Kicking the Flavored Creamer Habit

I like to say I am the cream in Husband’s coffee but that isn’t entirely true. For the past year or so Husband used flavored creamer in his coffee, which is fine because I don’t like third degree burns from swimming in his coffee cup every morning.

April's One Small Green Change is Husband’s. He is going to give up flavored coffee creamer with its questionable ingredients and extra packaging (while recyclable it is still an extra thing to deal with.) This won't effect me either way because I drink my coffee black - like my heart.

We try not to buy products containing high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils to try to keep the health conditions affecting our older family members at bay for as long as possible. Although realistically no matter how well we eat and take care of ourselves, that stuff may happen because genetics are well, genetic. Our goal is if it happens, it happens when we're 90 or so.

That's why I thought it a little odd when Husband switched from milk to flavored nondairy creamer in his coffee. Especially when the brands and flavors he likes contain high fructose corn syrup and/or hydrogenated oils. But Husband is a grown up and I have to admit, some of those flavored creamers taste yummy and are a quick way to latte when you are running out the door in the morning. 

I figure since Husband made the no HFCS and hydrogenated oil rule, it is in his power to make this exception since his creamer is the only item in the kitchen that breaks our food rule. 80/20 Rule and all that.

That’s not to say I don’t twitch when I see the creamer bottles in our recycling bin or my concern seeing Husband chugging not so healthy ingredients because we drink a lot of coffee. We are IT people, input "coffee " output "deliverables" (a little coding joke for the geeks in the audience.)

Although Husband  keeps it to one item and our overall consumption is low. This is probably what they mean when they use the phrase “OK in moderation.” Or not. I don't know. You can't quantify moderation. It means something different to every person who uses the term. That's why I don't like using "in moderation."

Unless "in moderation" means administering dark chocolate on every day that ends in a Y. That type of in moderation I'll do.

It would be a lie to say I haven’t made and enjoyed a latte or two with that stuff either. So I left it as something we like, that keeps us real, and from pretending to be some sort of  snob because nobody’s perfect. I’m lucky I can make these choices and try not to knock anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to for any reason.

Husband likes his coffee sweet and will go back to drinking his coffee with skim milk and a bit of brown sugar or molasses for taste. Before you whole milk people bust on us for drinking skim, Husband drinks at least a quart of milk or more a day. While humans need some fat in their diet, especially growing children, an active adult like Husband does not need that much fat in his diet every single day per our medical professionals so for him, skim it is. 

How do you take your coffee or tea?

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Mary said...

I like my tea very strong with a little regular soy milk in it (it cuts the acid, whch I can't seem to tolerate in hot tea). Since the soy milk has some cane sweetener in it already, I can usually skip any extra sweetener unless I'm really craving some sweet. Herbal teas and yerba mate I like straight with a little honey. Ice tea I like strong with sugar, lemon and mint, but sometimes I'll use half sugar and half Sucra if I'm drinking gallons of the stuff, like I do in the long, hot summers (great Paul Newman movie, BTW) here in Georgia.

ronda said...

I like my coffee with coconut cream in a can from Trader Joe's. Dump the contents of the can in a blender, then store in frig. There's a lot of sugar in skim milk. Paleo people say raw whole milk is better for you and that sugar is far worse for you than fat.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Coconut cream sounds wonderful! I knew mentioning our skim milk use was going to be controversial :) Our diet is low sugar by design except the stuff Husband puts in his coffee. The issue is the chlorestrol in whole milk since Husband can easily go through 2 gallons of milk a week.

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