Condo Blues: How to Fix a Hole in Shorts without Sewing!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Fix a Hole in Shorts without Sewing!

All of my summer shorts are too big after I met my weight loss goal. It is a nice problem to have.

Fortunately, I had a couple of pairs of pants lurking in the back of my closet that make better shorts than pants. It didn’t take much time or effort to cut and hem the pants into shorts (learn how I make pants into shorts here.) It is a trick my mom used when I blew out a knee on a pair of pants or jeans as a kid. Boom. I got a new pair of shorts.

Green. Cheap. And most importantly, I had the perfect pair of shorts that weren’t too short or too long. 

I tossed the shorts in my bag for our vacation on Put-in-Bay (read all about our Lake Erie Island fun here.) Wouldn’t you know it, the first time I wore my new to me shorts I had a bicycle accident during our day trip to Kelley’s Island.

My balance still isn't 100% on my lower calf injury. I got a wobbly start on my bike, slipped on gravel in a parking lot, run into a reclaimed wood flower bed border, and cut/scraped my leg on a rusty nail poking out of the wood. Good thing I keep up with my tetanus shots!

Most people bring back t-shirts as vacation souvenirs, I bring back scars.

I want to give a big shout out of the Jet Express ferry crew. They offered first aid services when I boarded the ferry to go back to Put-in-Bay even though I didn’t injury myself on their property. The captain came down from the bridge to check on me chance and asked if I needed EMS to meet us at the dock. Other than the impressive bruising, once they cleaned the dirt from my wounds, it wasn’t necessary. They scrapes were the shallow type that want attention by bleeding more than they are deep.

So basically, the most injured party was the giant hole in my perfect pair of shorts. The hole is too far up my leg to cut and sew them into shorter shorts. I figured I can fix the hole in my shorts without sewing and use them as a pair of painting shorts which frankly, is the fate of almost all my old clothes at one point or another.

If this hole was a horizontal rip, I could sew it closed. In my experience, sewing a vertical rip closed doesn’t always hold.

Two No Sew Ways to Fix a Hole in Pants or Shorts

1. Hem the shorts so the hole doesn’t show, if possible. Substitute iron on hem tape or fabric glue for sewing in this how to hem pants into shorts tutorial. This won’t work for my shorts because the hole is too high up on the leg.

2. Cover the hole with a cute iron on patch!

Is anyone is surprised I used a dog patch? I didn’t think so.

Patching a clothing hole couldn’t be easier. I tilted the dog patch for interest and as a nod to Lacey. When I ask Lacey questions sometimes I think our girl will tilt her head off her shoulders while she is thinking about her answer.

Then I followed the directions on the package and ironed the patch over the hole with a dry iron. Ta da! A five minute fix.

How to do you mend holes in clothes?

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