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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Duct Tape Flash Drive

When any of The Ten has a USB flash drive on their back to school shopping lists, they know they can count on Aunt Lisa, The World’s Most Fabulous Aunt ™ for a freebie. I always have spare thumb drives.

I’m extremely lucky that some of the brands I ask for information for you guys The Best Readers in the World (trademark pending) give it to me on a flash drive. After I move the files onto my computer, I have a storage drive to pass on to any kid who needs one for school.

While I won’t accept information from a brand I wouldn’t be proud to be associated with for my readers, some of the printed drives may unintentionally break a school rule. For example, while this USB drive from Zippo had information about a Zippo refillable candle lighter (that I keep forgetting to buy) a teacher may think it is promoting smoking because Zippo also makes cigarette lighters.

Not everything in this photo was a generous gift. We bought some of the flash drives in this photo. They are plain and boring and will get decorative updates too. Look for more decorated USB drives in future posts!

Let’s keep the kids out of trouble with a sweet duct tape decorated USB drive. 

How to Make a Duck Tape Flash Drive


You will need:

Black USB Flash (Thumb) Storage Drive
Checker Printed Duck Tape
Chrome Mini Duck Tape
Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat or scissors

Make it:

1. Cut the Checker printed Duck Tape to size and wrap it around the flash drive.


Tip 1: I think it is easier and less mess to cut duct tape using a dedicated to tape rotary cutter. Cutting duct tape with a fabric rotary cutter will dull the cutting blade and cutting fabric with it difficult.

Tip 2: To make sure I can find the end of the tape roll and pull the end of super sticky tape from the roll, I put a plastic bread tab on the end of the roll.

2. Cut a length of Chrome Duct tape into small, vertical strips.

3. Wrap the Chrome tape around the flash drive.

4. You’re done!

Do you buy or DIY a cool flash drives or like to keep them plain?

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