Condo Blues: How to Cover Popcorn and Textured Ceilings

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to Cover Popcorn and Textured Ceilings

One of the first things Husband wanted to change when we bought in our condo are the textured ceilings. I told Husband if he wanted to soak the texture with water so it is loose enough to scrape off off with a hand scraper while standing on a ladder in. every. room. of. the. house. the project is all his.

10 years later we still have textured ceilings we don't like.

We learned to deal with the fifth wall in every room we aren't crazy about. We didn't think about changing our ceilings until I flooded the house and damaged the kitchen ceiling. 
Strangely, right before I broke the house, Armstrong Ceilings contacted me with an opportunity to interview Lori Rowley, their Armstrong design and installation expert, about covering up popcorn ceilings instead of removing them with Armstrong Ceiling products.

From your comments and emails, I know many of you don't like your popcorn ceilings either. I was interested in what they have to say and thought might like information on an easier way to get rid of an ugly popcorn ceiling too

I want to let you know no money exchanged hands for my opportunity to interview Lori or for me to run this post. The only thing that changed from the time I got the pitch letter from Armstrong Ceilings and from when I conducted the interview is I added some questions to my list since I have to think about changing the ceiling in our house for the first time in 10 years. I want to know if I have options.

How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Without the Mess

Condo Blues: By how much does the Armstrong Ceilings grid and panels lower the ceiling in, for example, a room with an 8ft tall ceiling?

Lori Rowley: Glad you asked – we consider this one a myth buster opportunity.Most people believe they will lose a lot of ceiling height, when in reality most suspended ceilings only require the grid be dropped 3”- 4” from the ceiling. You only require enough space to slide the ceiling panels into the grid opening.  One important consideration is the choice of lighting – typical can lights will require 6”.

Armstrong also offers a range of stylish ceiling tiles that directly apply to drywall, plaster, popcorn ceilings, or joists, using a concealed installation system.

Condo Blues: You mentioned popcorn ceilings in your pitch. Do Armstrong Ceilings work over other types of textured ceilings too? 

Lori Rowley: Absolutely! All Armstrong direct apply ceiling tiles and planks can be installed over an existing ceiling. This includes open joists, drywall, plaster, and popcorn ceilings.  Our Tin Look Paintable ceilings, HomeStyle 12x12 and 16x16 ceiling tiles are all perfect choices for covering up damaged drywall, plaster, or popcorn ceilings.  If you love the look of a plank, consider WoodHaven ceiling planks, made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or Country Classic Plank, made of mineral fiber.

Condo Blues: Is the installation a DIY job?

Lori Rowley: All Armstrong ceilings are designed to be DIY-friendly. Instructions, installation videos, tips, and an estimating tool are all available on our website.

Condo Blues: Is this product only for rooms with flat ceilings? What about a room with a pitched ceiling or over a stairway?

 Lori Rowley:  All of our direct-apply ceiling tiles can be installed in rooms of varying shape and size, both pitched and level. Just look at how gorgeous this cathedral ceiling is!

Husband and I love tin ceilings! 
You know, we have the same color accent wall in our kitchen... 

Condo Blues: Can you paint Armstrong Ceiling tiles and planks? 

Lori Rowley: Most of our ceiling products can be painted.  Products such as Tin Look, Metallaire, Easy Elegance Coffers and white WoodHaven can all be painted to match the décor of any room. There are some styles of each that lend themselves better to a coat of paint. For Metallaire products, we recommend using the Lacquered Steel finish for the best results. If the WoodHaven products are more your style, we suggest using either Painted White or Beadboard. 

Condo Blues: Do you have any tips for choosing the type of ceiling for different style homes such as Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, etc.? 

Lori Rowley: We have a beautiful gallery of room scene photos featuring a wide variety of Armstrong ceilings. Browse these images for inspiration, and when you see a ceiling you love, click on “view product details” to learn more. 

Or, if you have a specific décor in mind and are looking for the perfect ceiling pairing, you can shop by look/visual on our website. 

My personal favorite décor is Coastal; it’s bright, cheerful and soothing.  Just look at the image below. The WoodHaven Beadboard ceiling perfectly ties the space together and transports you to a serene, coastal space. You can practically hear the waves lapping against the shore! 


Thanks Lori and Armstrong Ceilings! 

What do you think of popcorn and textured ceilings? Yay or nay?

 Disclosure: I didn't receive money or product for writing this interview post. All opinions belong to the individuals interviewed.

Further Disclosure: I despise the textured ceilings in my house. I think they should be outlawed but that's just me. Some folks like popcorn ceilings and that's OK.

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