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Monday, September 15, 2014

No Sew Halloween Apron

My sister and I are foodies. We often send each other email with the subject line MAKE THIS and a recipe. During one of our conversations the subject turned to food, as it usually does, and how cooking messes can ruin clothes.

There is a solution for that. It’s called an apron.

Halloween is my sister’s favorite holiday. We share the same warped sense of humor. I made her a no sew apron I know she’ll wear for Halloween and quite possibly during the rest of the year to serve as a funny warning to others.

Don’t Make Me Poison Your Dinner Apron


You will need:

Iron and ironing board
Pressing cloth – I use an old handkerchief

Make it:

1. Use the Sizzix Big Shot and alphabet dies to cut the letters in the phrase “Don’t make me poison your dinner” from the Tulip glitter sheet.

  I am using a green Tulip Shimmer Sheet in this photo so you can see it better.

The Tulip sheets are a bit thick because they have a clear plastic protective layer you will later remove. My Big Shot didn’t cut all of them all the way through the sheet. I helped it along with a pair of scissors.


Tip: if you don’t’ have a die cutting machine, you can draw the letters on the Tulip sheet with a stencil and cut them out with a pair of scissors.

2. Peal off the plastic cover from the letters you cut from the transfer sheets and artfully place your phrase in the center top portion of the apron.

3. Place a pressing cloth over the design and iron the design in place using a dry iron and a heat setting suitable for the fabric you are using. My fabric is cotton. I used the cotton setting.


Tip: You can re-iron the design if it does not set the first time. Make sure you use the pressing cloth unless you want an iron full of glitter!

Tip #2: You probably don't want an iron full of glitter.

4. Remove the protective cover from the skull and crossbones iron on transfer and, place it artfully on your apron.

5. Place a pressing cloth over the design and iron the design into place according to the directions on your iron on transfer. 

6. Tie it on and get cooking!

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