Condo Blues: Recycled Fall Leaf Lantern Decor

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recycled Fall Leaf Lantern Decor

Fall leaves are Mother Nature’s fireworks.  It is such a shame to dump all of those golden yellow, red, and orange leaves that eventually litter my yard into the compost bin. We should show at least some of them off!

Red Ted Art did just that. She and her children gathered pretty fall leaves and forced themselves to eat a lovely cheese so they can upcycle the cheese box into a quick and easy leaf lantern.

Husband is so on board with this project. He selflessly volunteered to eat as much cheese as needed so I can recycle the wood cheese boxes all in the name of green fall home d├ęcor. What a trooper!

Learn how to make Red Ted Art's Fall Leaf Lanterns here. Check out the comment section for suggestions on what you use to make the lanterns if you don’t have access to cheese boxes.

This is a very kid friendly craft and decoration because she uses electric tea lights to light the lanterns.

Do you think I can use a small solar light to power her leaf light like I did when I made my solar Halloween Milk Jug Ghost lights?

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