Condo Blues: Even Organics Can Make You Sick – the EOS Lip Balm Lawsuit is Wrong

Monday, January 18, 2016

Even Organics Can Make You Sick – the EOS Lip Balm Lawsuit is Wrong

Today’s Baseless Internet Outrage of the Day is brought to you by people who don’t realize lip balm made from organic and natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions because – new flash!most allergies are caused by things found in nature.

Hay fever anyone?

What we commonly call hay fever is an allergic reaction to some form of pollen. Or if you are me, tree, grass, and weed pollen – including the pollen of many plants and flowers we plant inside and out of our homes. So I have first hand experience of having surprise allergic reactions, succeeding - and failing - at avoiding allergic reactions, and how much it sucks sometimes because I have allergic reactions.

The thing is, I don’t think that just because a product uses natural or organic ingredients it is automatically perfect and will not cause heath issues in some people even though products made with organic and natural ingredients are the type of products I buy and use as much as I can.

According to the New York Times article Allergies Can Be Natural, Too:
“While most skincare and hair care is filled with potential allergy triggers, it turns out that organic versions are, to green parents’ dismay, among the worst offenders. “Generally the more expensive organic products have more allergens; they’re in their purest form,” said Lisa Borden, 39, a Toronto-based mother whose 8-year-old daughter is allergic to peanuts, nuts and kiwi.”

Before we go any further, I want to let you know I do not work for EOS. I have not been asked, paid, or given things by EOS to write this blog post. EOS doesn’t even know I exist. I sometimes use EOS products because I buy them with my own money but not very often. To be honest, I like EOS shaving cream more than their lip balm. I think the egg is cute but too bulky to carry in a small purse. I want to make it clear I’m not on the take in any way, shape, or form.

We good?


I’m writing this post because I think it is a shame that the EOS company might suffer because a bunch of customers jumped to conclusions, didn’t do real research (and most didn’t see a medical professional,) and are suing the company over a common topical allergic reaction – red, chapped, and swollen lips.

I’m not denying that having a reaction to an ingredient in lip balm can be painful. I can’t wear lip balms made with beeswax (a common ingredient in natural, organic, and synthetic lip balms) because it has caused my lips to dry so bad they split and bleed. OUCH!

Did I mention I found this out when I used a lip balm made from 100% natural ingredients?
““A lot of people think if you buy a natural product then you are not going to have any allergies to it. No, that's not what natural means,” says Dr. Cindy Jones, a biochemist and natural-beauty formulator. In fact, two of the most reputedly benign ingredients—the magic-makers chamomile and lavender—are known allergens.

The more people use natural products, the more likely they are to develop an allergy to them, since reactions often occur with regular contact. These types of allergens are called sensitizers.” – The Atlantic, The Allergens in Natural Beauty Products.
Yep, it is true. Organic ingredients and products can cause allergic reactions.

That doesn’t mean the products or companies that make them are bad or trying to deceive you. It simply means the product isn’t good for you – especially if it is applied to the thinnest layer of skin on the human body – your lips.

I’m sorry you special lawsuit-happy snowflake you, but there isn’t anyone to blame. If you are so sure fired determined to assign blame to someone for your horribly red and blistering lips, I’m afraid the responsibility lies with you. Allergies just happen. Unfortunately we usually have find out we have allergies through a serious and often painful reaction.

Not reading the ingredients on the label, seeing a medical professional,  and discontinuing use when you should is your responsibility not the company’s.

In my opinion, bringing this lawsuit against EOS is as  frivolous as me trying to sue an organic dairy farm because their butter contains milk and lactose – two things I cannot eat without severe consequences.

What do you think?

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