Condo Blues: How to Cut Wine Corks for Crafts the Easy Way!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Cut Wine Corks for Crafts the Easy Way!

Have you ever tried to cut a wine cork in half?

Without the cork flaking and shredding?

Or  accidentally cutting your fingers to shreds?


I need to cut a wine cork in half for an upcoming project. I want to cut the cork quickly, easily, and safely. Most of all I want to cut the wine cork without cork bits shedding all over the place. A nice, clean, cork cut is all I ask.

How to Neatly Cut a Wine Cork in Half

Cutting wine corks for crafts isn’t hard to do. If you want to cut a wine cork without it falling apart, you’ll need to do one simple step before you cut into it.

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You will need:

Wine cork - you can buy wine corks from Amazon here if you need more corks for your project than you have friends who drink wine


Pot of water

Sauce pot steamer set

Wood cutting board

Small hand hacksaw or a serrated knife if you don’t mind your husband gives you the stink eye for dulling his good knives. I went with the handsaw to avoid the stink eye.

You can buy my hand hacksaw on Amazon if you’re interested.  It is handy!

1. Bring the pot of water to a boil on the stove.

2. Put the cork (s) in the vegetables steamer or metal colander and steam them over the pot of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Don’t freak out if the cork absorbs water and swells a little bit in size. You want this to happen. This is what makes the cork easy to cut and without too much flaking.

3. Carefully remove the cork from the steamer. Be careful. The cork may be warm to hot to the touch.

4. Put the cork on the cutting board.

5. Use the handsaw, or risk spousal stink eye and use the serrated kitchen knife, to cut the cork in slices or in half. 

Watch your fingers while you cut!

6. And you’re done. Craft on!

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Unknown said...

Have saved and used corks for years in various projects. Great information for future projects!!

Mary said...

Thank you!!! Great advice!!

Tracy said...

Is there any trick to getting them cut evenly? I'd like for each half to be the same size and so far I have not been very successful.

Unknown said...

Great info for a project I have in mind. Thanks!

Bhd said...

Great way to cut wine corks ! But make sure to clean or rinse the used corks before steaming, it will leave a sap residue in your pots. But that's nothing Oxi-Clean cant fix ��

samih george said...

Can I use a scroll saw (Dremel Moto saw) to cut the cork into two.

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