Condo Blues: 12 Amazing Ghost Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

12 Amazing Ghost Decorating Ideas for Halloween

I like to make our Halloween decorations spooky cute instead of scary gory because we have a bunch of little kids in our neighborhood. The last thing we want is to scare the Trick or Treaters so much that they are afraid to come to our door on Begger’s Night. Giving out candy and going gaga over the kid’s costumes (house rule) is one of Husband’s favorite things about Halloween.

The other thing Husband likes is decorating with Halloween decorations that move. I’m all about Halloween lights and décor that lights up.

We like to poke our heads in home décor and pop up Halloween stores this time of year to do some hard core Halloween trend and décor idea shopping.

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It looks like ghost decorations are popular this year because everywhere we look we’re surrounded by ghosts. Boooooooooo!

13 Halloween Ghosts

I included some affiliate links in this post for your convenience.
Halloween Ghosts Made From Gourds – House of Hawthorns

DIY Spooky Ghosts Etched Votives – Hey There Home – I can’t tell you how much I love this! It has just the right amount of spooky and cute.

Sitting Fat Ghost Figurine by Fantastic Craft – In case you don’t have any gourds laying around and House of Hawthrons project.

Ghostly Plastic Bag Sculpture – Creative Spotting – Can you believe this fantastic ghostly man is made out of discarded plastic bags?

Solar Powered Ghost String Lights by Hi-Shop – Because I like outdoor Halloween lights and am too lazy to remember to turn them on and off. all about green living (actually both statements are true.)

Chicken Wire Ghosts – eHow – I like how she looks like a Victorian women complete with hair bun.

Motion-Activated Peeping Ghost with Tombstone by Plow & Hearth – Because Husband and the other big boys in the neighborhood (read this as Dads) like Halloween decorations that move.

DIY Floating Halloween Ghosts For Your Yard Practically Functional – They look surprised to be standing out in the yard. “Hey what am I doing there? Oh yeah it is Halloween and I’m a ghost. May I have some candy please?”

Solar-powered Ghost Tree Hugger by Exhart – Is wee ghostie that wraps around a tree. Boo!

Make Solar Milk Jug Ghosts for Halloween – Condo Blues – An easy way to get a cute reuse out of a milk jug before it hits the recycling bin.

Halloween Ghost Wreath by Ever Blooming Original – A fun alternative to decorating with a round Halloween wreath.

Halloween Light Up Wood Ghosts - Battery Operated by Generic – This one runs on batteries if you want to decorate in an area that doesn’t have great access to light or the sun.

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