Condo Blues: How to Make a Farmhouse Industrial Wine Cork Wreath

Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Make a Farmhouse Industrial Wine Cork Wreath

Many (OK, most) winter weekends husband and I mull a bottle of table quality red wine until it gets too warm outside to drink hot drinks then we switch over to making sangria. So between that and enjoying a bottle of the good stuff from time to time, I have several vases full of wine corks in my craft room.

Quick and Easy DIY Wine Cork Wreath Idea

My wine cork stash is getting high, my door wreath stash is letting low so with my creative powers combined (just like Captain Planet and The Wonder Twins!) I made a quick and easy wine cork wreath and you can too!

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You will need the follow materials to make this project:

hot glue gun helper hack
Hot Glue Gun Helpers are life savers. I can't recommend them enough!

2 12 inch metal wreath frames

Green floral wire

Wire Cutters
30 wine corks – if you don’t have enough wine corks you can buy wine corks on Amazon here

Hot glue gun and glue

Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Wired burlap ribbon


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Step by Step How to Make it:

1. Place 5 wine corks per section in  one of the metal wreath forms bottom facing up.

2. Put the second wreath form top side facing up on top of the first wreath form to make a wine cork and wreath form sandwich.

 Any guesses what my go to brand of wine is for mulling and making sangria?

3. Cut 12 lengths of florist wire with the wire cutters. Use the wire to twist and attach the top and bottom wreath forms together at the metal horizontal wreath form supports.

4. Turn the wine corks in the same direction if desired.

5. Wrap a cut length of wired ribbon around the wreath from four times and hot glue the ribbon in place.

 Wrapping yo.

 How to Make a Wreath Bow:


  •  Cut two lengths of ribbon (one smaller than the other.)

  • Glue the end of each piece of ribbon to itself to make a loop

  • Put the smaller ribbon loop on top of the larger ribbon loop.

  • Pinch the center of the ribbon loops with your fingers and tie it into place with a length of florist wire.

  • Hot glue a small strip of ribbon around the center of the bow to hide the florist wire.

  • Make the ribbon tails by cutting a length of ribbon, folding it in half, and hot gluing it to the back of the bow.

6. Use the hot glue gun to hot the bow to the wreath.

7. Twist a loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath to make a hanging loop, hang it up, and look cute!

I want to say I only drink wine to decorate with the corks but really I think wine and good company go together like wine and good company.

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