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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Air Fryer Falafel Recipe

This post and giveaway are sponsored by Hamilton Beach. I have received the a Hamilton Beach Air Fryer for review, however, all opinions are my own. #ad #HamiltonBeach

I love a good falafel but hate the idea of the big mess it makes when you deep fry it on the stove in the kitchen. The idea of my chickpea goodness swimming in a pot of oil before it hits my plate and into my belly.  But not so, when you make falafel in an air fryer!

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What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers, simply put, are compact convection ovens. They circulate hot air around a basket that holds your food. The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer is an easy-to-use countertop appliance that produces crispy food quickly with less fat than a deep fryer. Click here to purchase directly from Hamilton Beach and receive free shipping!


Quick and Easy Air Fryer Falafel Recipe


You will need:


2 Cups of chickpeas (garbanzo beans)


1/2 Cup of parsley


1/2 Cup of cilantro 


1 Chopped onion


3 – 4 Cloves of crushed garlic (or more if you like)


1 Teaspoon ground cumin


1/2 Teaspoon salt

Your favorite cooking oil


1. Pulse the chickpeas, parsley, cilantro, onion,. garlic, cumin, and salt in a food processor together.

2. Roll approximately 2 tablespoons of the falafel mixture into a ball and flatten  each ball with a the bottom of a glass.


3. Put a layer of falafel patties in the airy fryer basket and lightly spray with the cooking oil of your choice. I use an olive oil sprayer like this one filled with olive oil although you can use whatever oil you like!


4. Put the air fryer basket into the air fryer and press the power button. Press the temperature button and use the minus button to set the temperature to 370 degrees. Press the timer button and use the plus and minus buttons to set the time to 12 minutes. Turn the falafel patties over halfway through the cooking time.


5. Serve with tzatziki sauce.


Five Reasons to Love the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer:

  1. Great Taste with Little to No Oil
  2. Fast Powerful Cooking
  3. Six Pre-Programmed Settings
  4. Easy to Clean
  5. Large Capacity
The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer would make a great gift for anyone that loves to cook and entertain!

Features of the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer

  • Achieve a crispy fried texture when cooking a variety of foods, from French fries to steak.
  • The electric air fryer is quick and easy to use with no preheating necessary. Select either a pre-programmed setting or a time and temperature up to 400 degrees.
  • One touch is all it takes to cook French fries, chicken, seafood, steak, baked goods and veggies.
  • Nonstick food basket is removable to easily hand wash.
  • Large air fryer cooking basket holds 2.5 liters.  
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