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Sunday, June 30, 2019

DIY Beer Bottle Soap Dispenser

My husband and I often celebrate the end of the workweek with a little TGIF craft beer tasting. Like the full on nerdy thing about recognizing, talking about, and even recording tasting notes of the new beers and types we've tried.

After sampling an Innis & Gunn bottle, my husband commented on the unique look of the bottle and suggested/challenged me to do something cool with it.

Fortunately, I started dabbling in making liquid Castile soap in the slow cooker and I'm in need for a new liquid soap dispenser. (If you want to try it I suggest reading the books Making Natural Liquid Soaps and  Liquid Soapmaking because I'm still learning and it will be quite awhile before I feel confident in writing a tutorial for Condo Blues.) (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links to the supplies I used for your convenience.) 

It practilally a no brainer to to make a soap dispenser from a glass bottle that has a threaded screw cap like my DIY Chamboard bottle soap dispenser because you just screw a replacement liquid soap pump like this one onto the bottle and Bob's your uncle.

But can you make a soap dispenser from a recycled glass beverage bottle that does not have a screw thread top? Yes you can! Here's how!

How to Recycle a Glass Beverage Bottle into a Soap Dispenser

how to make a liquid soap dispenser from an upcycled glass bottle 
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 You will need the following supplies for this project:

Glass bottle - I'm using an empty beer bottle for this project but you can use what ever type of bottle you like. In fact, I have some Fago Rock and Rye soda pop in a retro bottle (you can buy it here) on deck for my next soap dispenser project.

Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe formula - learn more about it here

Paint brush

Replacement soap pump - There are several types of replacement soap pumps that will fit onto an unthreaded bottle.

Step by Step How to Make It Tutorial:

 I am using a new one liter shampoo bottle pump for this project because I already had it on hand. If you find that the one liter pump dispenses too much liquid soap per pump you can reduce the amount dispensed by wrapping  a rubber band around the pump head.

1. Thoroughly wash the empty glass beverage bottle.

2. Protect the paper label from water by sealing it with a coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe using the paint brush if desired. Allow the Mod Podge to dry before moving on to Step 3.

3. Fill the bottle with liquid soap.

4. Press  the replacement bathroom soap pump onto the bottle. You may need to cut the pump to size if you are using a liter pump like I am.

5. Wash up!

If you'd rather buy than DIY, Check out the following options - and more! - below!

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Beer and other alcohol bottles are really pretty. My husband and I put lights in them, but we have really maxed out that idea. Thanks for another avenue for using these lovely bottles!

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Sylvia said...

Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I will be making some of these!

Chas' Crazy Creations said...

I have a mason jar dispenser and I absolutely love this one. I think I need to make one right now :) Thanks for sharing

Teresa B said...

Great upcycle, thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

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