Condo Blues: Let's Play Quarantine Bingo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Let's Play Quarantine Bingo!

My husband and I have been social distancing and quarantined a little longer than most. Ohio enacted our COVID-19 shelter in place order the second week of March but we were sticking closer to home the week before that.

In other words, we've been in quarantine for 6 weeks and as for how much longer nobody really knows. Which makes it difficult to come up with ideas and tutorials for you. Do I go business as usual with regular DIY and crafting projects or something else? Let me know in the comments below.

Really the only thing that has my attention right now is sewing cloth face masks for friends and family who don't sew. I'm in limbo on that very helpful mental health project until my sewing machines come back from the repair shop. I am so thankful sewing machine repair is considered an essential service. I have people counting on me.

Cloth face masks!

I thought a Condo Blues quarantine shelter in place slice of life post might interest you. At the risk of sounding flippant, which is not my intent, I set it up as a BINGO card so you can play along. It seemed like a better idea at the time than a list of snippets like "I wore funny costume hats during my last community band Zoom meeting" or "my husband and I had a glass of wine each to finish the bottle we opened Friday night but it was at 4 o'clock instead of with dinner so I'm calling it day drinking to be funny."

quarantine bingo card of activities and ideas

Feel free to add your bingo activities in the comments below. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Looking for more things to do when you are stuck at home and bored? Check out the following ideas - and more! below!

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Michelle said...

This is such a great idea!! How fun!

Joanne said...

I have definitely done many of these.. but I can't yell Bingo since I have at least one or two items in every column I haven't yet done.

Linda at Apron Strings & other things said...

How fun! I've been looking for creative ways to play games with my grandchildren, we might be able to adapt this to our long distance game time.
Thank you for sharing this week at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

Of Goats and Greens said...

Let's see... didn't mind the 6 inches of snow because not going anywhere anyway... Going past naming the chickens and now naming their eggs... getting motivated to make my first loaf of bread in 12 years (I was Paleo for a while)... Getting ready to start learning to paint with acrylics - as soon as I find the paint brushes... Yelled at the snow for covering the raised beds... Donating extra eggs to the community center... Figuring out Zoom with friends and group members. Oh, and co-hosting Fiesta Friday this week - thank you for sharing this Bingo game with FF!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I love it! The only way to get through this is continuing to have a sense of humor. Featuring when my link party opens tomorrow. Be well!

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