Condo Blues: How to Clean Caulk Off Clothing

Monday, May 18, 2020

How to Clean Caulk Off Clothing

I had a quick little caulking project I needed to do and didn’t bother changing into paint clothes because I didn’t think I’d get messy.

 Which of course meant I got several big smears of caulk on one of my few pairs of good jeans.

 It. Never. Fails. Why won’t I learn?

 How to remove caulk from clothing

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Can these jeans be saved? Yes they can! It is very easy to remove caulk spills from clothing. here’s how.


How to Remove Caulk From Clothing


You will need the following for this project:


Rubbing alcohol – you can get rubbing (Isopropyl)  alcohol here

Cotton balls – I tried using a rag but it didn’t work as well as cotton balls/cotton makeup remover pads like these

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Step by Step How to Clean It Tutorial:

 1. Soak the cotton ball or makeup remove pad with rubbing alcohol.

 2. Rub the cotton pad/pad over the caulk stain until it is removed. You will probably have to use more than one isopropyl soaked cotton ball on the caulk stain to fully remove it.

 3. Once the caulk is removed fully from the item of clothing, wash it in the washing machine as you normally would to remove the rubbing alcohol and any excess caulk.

 4. Wear your caulk free clothing for everything BUT your next DIY project!


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Michelle said...

I couldn't have come across this at a better time! We are caulking our renovated bathroom and I'm pretty sure my husband is just caulking his pants. I don't know how he's so messy! Now I can finally get the caulk off! Thank you!!

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