Condo Blues: How to Hang a Hook on a Hollow Core Door

Sunday, May 31, 2020

How to Hang a Hook on a Hollow Core Door

I want to add a robe hook to my guest bathroom.  The logical place to hang it is on the bathroom door.

Unfortunately it, like all of the doors in my condo is a hollow core door. Can you hang towel bars and hooks on a hollow core door?

Yes you can!

The secret to hanging towel bars and hooks on hollow door without them crashing to the ground is all in the type of wall anchor you use – in this case Molly Bolts!

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Mollys look like this and are best when you need to hang something heavy or in the case of a towel bar or robe hook, something you may pull on a hollow door or wall. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)  Mollys (which are also called hollow door/wall anchors) Come in different sizes, styles, and are rated by how much weight they can hold.

Let’s hang!

How to Put a Towel Bar or Robe Hook on a Hollow Core Door


You will need:

The object you want to hang – I’m installing a robe hook but you can use the same process if you want to hang a towel bar on your door. You can find similar silver robe hooks to mine here.

Molly hollow wall anchor bolts– I am using found in my workbench size because, Corona

 An electric drill with a drill bit with the same size diameter as your anchor bolt


 Torpedo level


 Step by Step How to Hang I Tutorial

 1. Use the hanger’s bracket and torpedo level to determine where you want to hang the item on the door. Use the pencil to mark where you will need to drill the holes in your door to hang the bracket.

 2. Use the drill and drill bit to carefully drill a pilot hole into the door making sure you do not drill through the entire door!

 3. Put the molly anchor bolt into the hole in the door.

 4. Use the screwdriver to turn the molly screw clockwise until you feel resistanceThis will expand the slotted sleeve on the shaft of the bolt and create the anchor on the inside of the door.

 how to hang anything on a hollow core door

In this photo I removed the screw so you can see the part of the molly that will flare out against the other side of the door to make the anchor

5. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the molly screw from the hollow wall anchor bolt, place the hook or towel bar bracket in front the of door anchor, and screw it into place.

 How to hang a bracket on a hollow door

Almost done!

6. Finish installing the robe hook or towel bar according to the product’s directions. In this case, I unscrewed the screw at the bottom on my robe hook, slipped it over the wall bracket, and used an Allen wrench to screw the hook firmly onto its bracket.

How to hang a towel bar on a hollow bathroom door
How's it hanging?

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Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

Visiting from the Beautifully Handmade party. Great tip here! Pinned to my home repair tips board on Pinterest

Liz said...

My husband is the handy one in our family but I would love to have a robe hook on the back of our apartment bathroom door. I will suggest this to him. Thank you for bringing the helpful hint to FF.

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