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Sunday, November 8, 2020

How to Make Bottle Gnome Christmas Decorations

Many folks in the Scandinavian countries like to decorate their homes with gnomes for Christmas. There is a tradition where they enjoy an appetizer of rice porridge for Christmas Eve dinner and put a small bowl of it outside for the gnomes to thank them for protecting the family and helping them prosper during the year. 

The gnomes get very upset  and will play tricks on you if they are not rewarded with their Christmas porridge!

So personally, I think it is best to decorate with the not so fickle recycled variety and make quick and easy bottle Christmas gnome decorations. Although, just like the Irish leprechaun,  gnomes don’t go away after the holiday and you can decorate with gnomes all year round if you like.


how to make Christmas gnome decorations
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This is a very forgiving Christmas craft project because the way you make your gnome is only limited to your imagination and what craft supplies you have on hand or want to use for this project.


You will need for each gnome you want to make:

A long neck glass bottle  such as a glass soda, juice, beer, wine, etc. bottle. You can find soda pop in retro glass bottles similar to what I used here.

Fabric – you can buy fat quarters of fabric here

Beard or hair material such as fun fur (get fun fur here), felt, fabric, reusable mop cleaning mats (you can find reusable Swiffer pads similar to what I used here), cotton craft rope (you can buy it here), replacement string mop head like these,  yarn, etc. to make the beard or hair


Nose materials – Round beads (I prefer wood craft beads like these), fabric, pink craft pompoms like these, buttons, etc.

Glue – I am all over hot glue and hot glue gun and these Hot Glue Gun Helper Finger Caps that I cannot recommend enough! If you are doing this project with children, I suggest using tacky glue like this (yes, tacky glue is a specific formula of glue. Who knew?)


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Step by Step How to Make this Recycled Christmas Craft Project


1. Starting at the front of the gnome, wrap a rectangle piece of fabric around the lower half of the bottle to make the gnome’s body and glue it into place. It can be a little tricky to glue anything to a slippery glass bottle. I found it easier to get a secure hold by either leaving the paper label on the bottle and gluing the fabric to it or removing the sticky plastic label and sticking the fabric to the the adhesive left behind on the bottle.


how to make christmas gnome decorations
This fabric is a dollar store scarf

2. Make and attach the beard or hair to the gnomes:


- Boy gnomes – Cut and glue a series of mop strings, yarn, etc.  or  cut a triangle or U shape of fun fur, felt, fabric, bath mat, etc. and to glue it into place.

DIY recycled Christmas craft idea
I cut the beard a little too wide but I couldn't help myself. It's so fluuuffy I could die!

- Girl gnomes – Cut and glue a series of mop strings, craft rope, twine, etc. to each side of the bottle to make the hair. After the glue dried I unwound the craft twine, gave each side a quick comb out, and braided it for interest. You can style your gnome’s hair however you like!


how to make Christmas nisser decorations
You can use whatever color you like for your female gnome's hair


3. Make the gnome hat by cutting two triangles and either sewing (by hand or machine) or gluing the edges together. Turn the hat right side out (after the glue dries if you use it!) Plop it on top of the bottle and glue it into place if desired.

Quick and Easy Christmas gnome decorations
 I like using fleece or felt for the gnome hat because it allows me to bend the hat to interest without using wire or a fabric stiffener. 

4. Glue the nose to the gnome’s face. I used wood craft beads for the boy gnomes. I wanted a bigger nose for the girl and  rolled a small piece of pink fleece into a ball and hot glued it into place.


how to make Christmas gnome decorations

5. Decorate and celebrate!


Looking for more creative gnome decorating ideas? Check out the following options – and more! – below!

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