Condo Blues: Can You Replace Halogen Light Bulbs with LED Light Bulbs?

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Can You Replace Halogen Light Bulbs with LED Light Bulbs?

I light my home office with a row of halogen desk lamps on top of the bookcase wall because our builder didn't install an overhead lighting option.

I chose halogen lights because that's what was available at the time and while halogen light bulbs are physically hotter when they turn on they are more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. I also hoped that the halogen light bulbs would last longer than the incandescent light bulbs that came with my house and replaced as they burned out with CLFs. LED light bulbs were extremely expensive and not widely available at the time.

That didn't seem to be the case.

Any time I turned on the lights and wondered why it was still dark in the office, I'd see that one or more halogen light bulbs burned out. This happened much more often than in other rooms of the house when I switched over from my CFL light bulbs as they burned out to LED light bulbs now that they are cheaper and more widely available. 

I figured it was time to upgrade my halogen desk lamps (that I still like) to LED desk lamps because this constant bulb changing was getting annoying.

Unfortunately, most of the LED goose neck desk lights I found used a permanent LED light bulb which after 10 or 13 years is going to burn out and I'd have to get rid of four lamps instead of four measly light bulbs. 

OK. Fine. Halogen light bulbs it will be. 
Or will it?
can you replace halogen light bulbs with LEDs
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As I did a on line search for halogen desk lamp light bulbs, a new to me option came up - these LED halogen replacement light bulbs! (Updated 2/24/2022 from a reader who is  retired electrician:Yes you can replace halogen light bulbs with LED light bulbs as long a the operating voltage is the same. Which mine is.)

These LED replacement light bulbs fit perfectly in my halogen lamps!

While I was at it I searched for and bought these double ended tube style LED halogen replacement light bulbs for the ceiling lights in the kitchen. Those halogen light bulbs don't burn out as often but they are an even bigger pain to change because it involves dragging out a longer and heavier ladder and fiddling a light bulb into two parallel sockets over my head.

Keeping the lights I like while saving time and saving money on electricity. I love that!

PS: Here's a tip for how to get cheap LED regular light bulbs that last: I buy LED light bulbs from Dollar Tree. Generally anything that uses electricity or batteries (looking at you Dollar Tree flashlights. How can you screw up something so simple?) sold Dollar Tree isn't worth the money - with the exception of their light bulbs . I have lamps with more expensive LED and cheap Dollar Tree LED light bulbs sitting side by side and you can't tell the difference in light or longevity! I ordered them on line with free shipping! (You can learn more about how to get free shipping from online Dollar Tree orders here.) 

Looking for more energy saving LED light bulb ideas? Check out the following LED light options - and more! - below!

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