Condo Blues: DIY Painted Wicker Basket Makeover

Friday, April 26, 2024

DIY Painted Wicker Basket Makeover

I found a cute house shaped basket at Homegoods (you can buy a similar house shaped basket here ) and thought that would make a unique tip jar. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

What I really like about this basket is that it offers two ways for people to leave tips. Simply open the lid and they can drop in some cash, or open the door and leave their tip inside.

While it's already cute on its own, I knew it could use a little makeover to make it even cuter.

Can you paint a wicker basket
This basket is just begging for a makeover!


Can You Paint a Wicker or Rattan Basket?

Yes, you sure can! I pulled out my craft paints and added a little personality and makeover my basket.

painted house basket makeover

 I removed some of my stray paint blobs with rubbing alcohol as best as I could. Does it look too weird?


I could have left the painted basket how it is but to turn it into a DIY tip jar, I need to make it obvious.

I made the TIPS sign by painting a small piece of craft wood first with this Folk Art Multi surface Wicker White paint  to act as a primer of sorts. I followed it with a few coats of this Folk Art Multi surface Daffodil Yellow paint. I used this black paint pen marker to write "Tips" on the sign.

After the Tips sign was dry I sealed the entire thing with this Mod Podge Outdoor formula. I used Mod Podge Outdoor instead of the regular formula because Mod Podge Outdoor is weather resistant. I used wood glue to attach the wood Tips shingle over the door of the house.


painted wicker house basket makeover
I covered the QR codes in the jars for this photo

Since a lot of folks don’t tend to carry cash (myself included) I used a blank sign I bought at Michael’s to make an electric payment Tips sign using the same technique as I did with the Tips sign I hung above the door. After the paint dried, I used Mod Podge Outdoor to decoupage paper Venmo and PayPal QR codes to the sign and seal it.


It's an open house!

The removable tip jar sign allows me to slide it over the basket handle or prop it into the open lid.

To make sure my painted basket can withstand any weather, I sealed both the inside and outside with this Krylon acrylic spray sealer. No more worries about rain ruining my tip jar during outdoor performances.  


DIY house basket makeover
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I'm absolutely in love with how my house basket makeover turned out. It's cute, functional, and sure to catch people's attention.

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