Condo Blues: Quick and Easy Lavender Bath Salt Recipe for Sore Muscles and Itchy Skin

Friday, April 12, 2024

Quick and Easy Lavender Bath Salt Recipe for Sore Muscles and Itchy Skin

No matter how well I try to protect myself from my pollen allergies, I often end up with itchy skin and sore muscles after a day spent tending to plants in my garden.

That’s when I like to indulge in my favorite bedtime ritual. I find that the best way I found to soothe itchy skin and sore muscles is with a nice, relaxing bath with soothing DIY bath salts.

This easy recipe combines Epson and sea salts, known for their muscle-relaxing properties, with baking soda, which can sooth itchy and irritated skin, and is quick and easy to make. It also is a fantastic handmade gift idea for anyone in need of a little pampering.

Homemade lavendar bath soak gift idea
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I believe in keeping things simple when it comes to homemade bath salts. Adding too many extra ingredients, like moisturizing oil or food coloring, can leave an annoying bathtub ring that is difficult to clean. That's why my only extra add in is using lavender in this recipe. I can easily access dried lavender flowers from my own garden, and I’m not sure how medically or scientifically true these claims are, but lavender also has a long tradition of being used for calming effects on both mood and muscles.

And let's be honest, it really comes down to the smell of lavender is one of my favorite scents. As, always, your scent preference may vary.

how to use  fresh lavender flowers

Lavender from my garden!


To make the basic skin and muscle soothing bath salt recipe, you will need:

- A cute storage container with a lid

- 3 parts Epson salt (you can buy Epson salt here)

- 1 ½ parts sea salt (you can buy sea salt here)

- 1 part baking soda (you can buy baking soda here

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To make relaxing lavender skin and muscle soothing bath salt recipe, you will also need:

- Dried lavender buds (if you don't have your own, I recommend you buy culinary dried lavender like this kind, because it is free of artificial colorants or scents)

- Several drops of lavender essential oil (any brand will do) I buy lavender essential oil from Amazon here

You can leave your DIY skin and muscle soothing bath salts unscented and without the bontanicals add ins if you like

The handmade bath salt tutorial cannot get easier than this. Mix the ingredients together and pour them into a pretty container with a lid. Quick. Easy. Done.

It's that easy!


For an easier post-bath clean-up, I suggest using a net gift bag (the net bag I use looks like this or you can buy a muslin bath bag that looks like this ) to hold your bath salts while they dissolve in the tub. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of the salts and scents without the hassle of deep cleaning botanicals from the bathtub afterward – which can be the opposite of relaxing!

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