Condo Blues: Fall Porch Reveal

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Porch Reveal

All of the projects are done and it's time to reveal my decorated fall front porch. This year I went with a fall theme instead of our traditional Halloween pirate theme. Husband and I aren't feeling skeletons and ghosts since our one eyed pirate dog Captain Blitzkrieg isn't here to pilot our ship this year.

That's why we're going with Fall y'all.

Sorry, can't help it. It rhymes.

I did the new fall porch decorations for under $20 because I remade and reused what I had on hand.

Let's break it down.

I made a house flag from a drop cloth and fabric from my stash.

To keep it festive, I made a drop cloth garland to hang over the windows. I hung a birch basket I had instead of a wreath in between the windows. The wood basket is filled with fake non eco berries but it survives the crazy weather and I reuse it. I can't do that with dried flowers.

I was in a pennant flag mood. I made and hung a drop cloth garland above the front door.

 The DIY No Solicitors sign isn't festive but sadly necessary. 
We're constantly attacked and they don't respond to polite.

I shopped the house to fill in the rest of the porch decor. Lola the metal flamingo put on her scarecrow Halloween costume with the help of dowels and Gorilla Tape.

Lola's faded and rusting. Looks like she will get a revamp next summer.

To round out the porch I made orange tiebacks for the porch curtains from leftover flag and garland fabric. I plunked two plastic pumpkins on the porch tables from Halloween decor box. Husband hates my plastic pumpkins but after a traumatic real pumpkin chunking by big mean kids of my little girl jack o lantern, I go with plastic outside and real pumpkins inside. I tell myself at least the fake pumpkins are reusable.

Let's take one more look. Summer porch decor.

Fall porch decor.

Not bad for the price of few Command hooks and a dowel rod.

It is simple but it works.

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