Monday, January 13, 2014

Wine Cork Coat Hooks

Just when I think my kitchen is organized, I find out it is not.


I’m making progress on ant proofing and reorganizing my kitchen and pantry. It looks organized, right?
Not so fast.


The aprons hide Husband’s surprise pancake mix stash neither of us realized was in the pantry.  Out of sight, out of mind disease I suppose.

Who wants pancakes?

Time to get those aprons hanging on the wall and blocking the view to our food.

How to Make a Wine Cork Coat Rack

I went through my wine cork stash. I selected several thick corks with a champagne cork type flare (most of mine are from liters of ale and cider) so my aprons will be less likely to slip off the cook hook.


I made two separate apron hooks because I need to offset the hooks on the small pantry wall.

If you want to make a coat rack with several hooks in a row, like my dog tail coat rack (read the tutorial here.) You can still follow this tutorial. All you need is a longer piece of reclaimed wood.

You will need:

Wood cut to the length and width of your coat hook/coat rack (I’m using reclaimed wood I cut to 3 inch by 3 inch squares)
Wine corks
Drywall anchors and coordinating screws
Drill and drill bit
Screw driver
Impact driver
Soda pop top and screw

Make it:

1. Use the ruler and pencil to mark where you want to place your wine cork hooks on the back side of the board.


2. Drill a pilot hole in a wine cork. Screw the drywall anchor into the pilot hole with the screwdriver. The drywall anchor in the cork will make your coat hook sturdy and better able to handle weight hanging from it.

This is another reason why I am using the thickest wine cork I can find.

3. Screw the screw into the back side of the board and into the drywall anchor in the cork. You can use a screwdriver if you don’t have an impact driver but I think the impact driver has the extra oomph! needed to screw the screw into the wine cork.


4. Make a picture hanger by screwing a soda pop tab to the back of the apron hook.

Let’s pretend I screwed the hanger into the center of the hook, mmmkay?

4. Hang it up!


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