Condo Blues: How to Keep Ice from Forming Inside House Windows

Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Keep Ice from Forming Inside House Windows

On cold days like today (it is zero degrees outside with a 23 degrees below zero (F) windchill) I am glad I searched for sealed the air leaks in my home. We can tell the difference because our house was warmer and our heating bill was lower almost immediately.

Unfortunately, if your home is too air tight, it can be just as bad as having air leaks. Jen and Joey Go Green found this out the hard way. If you have ice building up inside of your windows,  her post  Stop Ice Build Up on Windows has some easy ways to fix the problem.

If you live in one of the Arctic Vortex zones, please take precautions against frostbite if you are unlucky enough to be outside.

While dogs and cats have thicker coats during the winter, severe cold can harm them too. Lacey loves to romp in the snow, but will crumble into a little ball if ice or snow gets in between her paw pads and we have to carry her home. Poor girl!

I'll tell you about we protect our dog in snow, ice, and severe cold tomorrow on Condo Blues.

In the meantime, we are going to keep warm by doing a little bit of this:

You can see more project sneak peeks and Lacey photos like this if you follow Condo Blues on Instagram.

Our Snow Day turned into Snuggle Day.

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