Condo Blues: Five Repurposed Home Organizers

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Five Repurposed Home Organizers

I am organized because I’m lazy. If I have a flash of inspiration I don’t want to hunt all over the house for the things I need to make my vision come to life. That is why I live by labels. It also keeps me from putting something “in a better place” and then promptly forgetting that I moved it leading to a whole house search.

As much I love wondering the aisles of the Container Store, I’m kinda cheap green. I try to repurpose what I have before I buy. If it works, I might upgrade it.  Sometimes I don’t under the if it’s not broke don’t fix it mantra.

Wood clementine boxes are fantastic for storage! I store my tea collection in two Clementine crates in my pantry. When I want a cup of tea, it’s easy to pull all of the tea from the pantry and take my pick.

 Yes I have a lot of tea. I don't have many vices, so this will have to do.

A clementine crate keeps washcloths from flopping into the stack of hand towels that share the same shelf in my linen closet.
I have the world's smallest linen closet. This box fits nicely on the teenay shelves.

I don’t have nice tall shelves in my cupboards to store our water bottles upright. I can’t stack them on their sides because they shift and fall out of the cupboard and on to my head. I repurposed the wine rack I got as a wedding present for water bottle storage.

 My apologies for all of the crazy shadows. I'm still trying to figure out my new to me DSLR.

After I used a cardboard drink holder in my refrigerator to organize condiments I realized that six pack holders had many more uses! I store our Wii controllers in a six-pack holder in a cupboard.

 Our craft beer hobby comes in handy when it comes to organizing!
I store craft paint in another drink holder. I should decorate this six pack carton since it sits on a shelf in plain view. I'm going with the excuse that I know the brewer (a reprint of his signature is on the carton) even though the reality is this project is dead last on my To Do List. It stays as it is for now.

 Drinking local is green, right?

What are your favorite repurposed storage items?

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