Condo Blues: Sew a Quickie Cloth Camera Strap Cover

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sew a Quickie Cloth Camera Strap Cover

I’m going to Blissdom. I want something to identify my new black DSLR as mine because it looks like everyone else’s black DSLR camera. I don’t want someone to accidentally pick up my precious and get weirded out about the crazy amount of dog photos on my camera's memory card. What can I say? Blitzkrieg loves the camera.

I always meant to buy a wider camera strap for my Minolta and regretted it. Its thin webbed camera strap digs into my neck – ow! My Cannon has a wider strap – yay! But it’s webbed material – boo! I suspect more digging into my neck – ow!

Hey! A cloth camera strap cover would solve both of my problems. Let's do it!

I dug into my fabric stash, became one with my inner orange, and sewed a cloth camera strap cover.

Make a Cloth Camera Strap Cover

You will need:

Straight Pins
Sewing machine

Make it:

1. Measure the length and width of your current camera strap. Double the width measurement and add one inch for a seam allowance to the length and new width dimensions.

2. Cut two rectangles from your fabric with your scissors according to your measurements.

3. Match the two rectangles back to back (the pretty side of the fabric facing outwards on both pieces.)

4. Hem the top and bottom side of the fabric (the short sides of the rectangle) by folding each side over ¼ of an inch and press with the iron into place. Fold the fabric over by another ¼ of inch and press into place. Pin the hems with the straight pins and stitch into place with the sewing machine.

5. Fold the camera strap in half lengthwise, hems facing out, and pin the raw edge together. Press into place.

6. Sew the Camera strap together lengthwise on the sewing machine.

7. Sew a small seam on the folded side of the camera strap for symmetry. I think it looks and lays better with a seam on each side of the camera strap.

8. Remove the pins and turn the camera strap right side out.

9. Press your seams and iron your fabric so it looks pretty.

10. Thread your camera strap cover onto your camera strap and look cute!

I made my camera strap with two pieces of fabric instead of four because it was difficult to make sure that my side seams were small enough to allow the camera strap go through the finished cover and catch all four layers of fabric. 

I normally do my seams last because I think it looks neater. However since I was working in such a small area, I chose to do them first after my first failed attempt.

If you don’t have enough fabric in your stash because you’re better at decluttering it than I am, you could use a bandanna or scarf as material. I think that would look great too.

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