Condo Blues: Do You Use Cloth Panty Liners?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do You Use Cloth Panty Liners?

I’m kicking off the New Year and my January One Small Green Change in an up close and personal kind of way. So if you are any of my male relatives or current or feature employers this post is probably not for you because I’m going to talk about lady bits.

Lately I’ve had the need to wear a daily panty liner. Strangely wearing a disposable panty liner has lead to a few bladder infections. Odd, since I haven’t had any issues with disposables until now.

Going without is doable but not very comfortable ifyouknowwhatImean.

I though making cloth panty liners would be a good use for my fabric stash. I searched Craftster for patterns and emailed Crunchy Chicken a few fabric and construction questions.

Epic craft FAIL.

Several times.

I emailed more green blogging friends asked more questions. I didnt' get a lot of answers but there was a lot of fun teenage slumber party type talk. The only thing missing is that we weren't braiding each other's hair at the time.

In desperation, I emailed Lunapads  some questions about their fabric panty liners. They offered to send me some samples. I accepted.

I like them.

Lunapads are thinner, more absorbent, and more comfortable to wear than I hoped. So far I haven’t had a bladder infection. Lundapad cloth panty liners are easy to clean – I pop them in the washer with my clothes since I’m using them as a daily panty liner. That last part skeeved out my Mom until I until I compared it to how she used to wash my cloth diapers back in day. Then she had a light bulb moment.

Best of all I do not have to worry about sensitive parts of me being stuck to the tape on the back of a disposable liner when it shifts because, um – OW!

I like them so much that I bought several 7 Day Panty Liner Kits so I’d never be without. While there is an upfront investment, I am going to save money in the end because I never have to buy liners again! Think of all of the liners I won’t be sending to the landfill each day – yay!

Have you tried cloth panty liners?

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