Condo Blues: Want a New Sofa? Reupholster It!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Want a New Sofa? Reupholster It!

Husband came into my life with his own sofa. It was kinda like a gift with purchase. There was only one small problem with his bachelor sofa – the print.

 1994 called. They want their sofa back.

I lived with it until we bought our condo. Husband relented with the stipulation that we replace his sofa with another sofa bed so we can accommodate more guests in our tiny house. No problem I thought.

I got a little sticker shock when I looked at replacement sofa beds. Especially when on closer inspection, the wood frames were cheap particleboard instead of hardwood like our current sofa bed.

When I realized that the new sofas I liked where the same shape as our current sofa and the new ones didn’t have the good bones of our current sofa I decided to reupholster it.

 Blitzkrieg says hi.

I bought a remnant of red microfiber upholstery fabric at Old Time Pottery because buying remnants is cheaper green. I like the contemporary look of  microfiber fabric. After Blitzkrieg came to live with us, I appreciate dog friendly microfiber even more.

I worked in sections. I draped the fabric wrong side out on a section of the sofa. Then I pinned and hand basted it around the arms, etc. I took the section off the sofa, turned it right side out and put it back onto that section of the sofa to check its fit. I made adjustments where necessary. Once I was satisfied, I made the seams permanent by sewing them on my sewing machine.

I used a staple gun to attach the sections to the wood frame of the sofa. 

 I used pinking shears to cut the fabric. I didn't fold it over due to the amount I had. The only way you can see it is if you tip the sofa up on its back and take photos of the underside.

Covering the couch cushions was easy. I traced the cushions onto the fabric and sewed a giant pillow like cover.

Everyone thought I bought a new sofa because of this fabric detailing.

Little did they know it was my clever way of covering up a measuring mistake. Well until now. Oopsie.

 I originally used Wonder Under to apply the detailing. It held up for several years. I repaired it by hand stitching it in place - which lead me to write this post

I don’t know if that is the way the pros upholster sofas but six years later my sofa is holding up and still looking good.


Which means, that I will be living with Husband’s sofa for a long time to come.

Update 2/17:2010: Many of you have asked about the details of how I measured my fabric and layed it out on the sofa. I eyeballed it because this is the third sofa I've slipcovered/upholstered. If you more detailed instructions before you give it a go Mark Montano (of While You Where Out. I love him!) wrote a great book Window Treatments and Slipcovers for Dummies (aff) that was very helpful for this project.

Window Treatments and Slipcovers For Dummies

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