Thursday, February 3, 2011

World’s Cutest Reclaimed Four Poster Dog Bed

The Speckled Dog  literally turned trash into the coolest treasure! She found this nasty looking table on the side of the road and carted it home.

 Photo courtesy of The Speckled Dog

I know a lot of people who would look at that table and either drive on by or if they did bother to stop, would take it home and use it for firewood. 

Not her!With some woodworking help from her husband and some sewing skills of her own, he turned it into a four poster dog bed. 

 Photo courtesy of The Speckled Dog

It takes some serious talent to look at a piece of junk and reimagine it into something so sweet. Can you imagine how much this would cost in one of those yuppie puppy pet shops I frequent way too often?

Just don’t tell Blitzkrieg about this fabulous bed or he’d want one too.

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