Condo Blues: Would You Buy a Thrift Store Mattress?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Would You Buy a Thrift Store Mattress?

I popped into my favorite Thrift Store. It often has donations from retail stores. That day it had new furniture. A sofa, a chair, and a few mattresses and box springs were so new they were still wrapped in plastic. The quality was that of a low end discount store, but the prices were excellent. If you were buying furniture for a dorm room or first apartment, this is your place! A queen size mattress was selling for $199 and the matching box spring was $75.

Thrift store shopping is an affordable way to shop green. Husband and I needed a mattress for our guest room. We don’t want to spend thousands on a super duper uber green guest room mattress since we have overnight guests maybe once or twice a since we moved in six years ago. A more affordable option with an allergy ban cover to keep the flame retardants and such at bay will do just fine. It's working out well in our room.

Unlike regular retail stores, thrift shops and consignment stores have to treat everything that comes into their store for pests, including bedbugs. This is good to know because Columbus is one of the top 10 cities in the US for bedbug infestations. Um, yay? (Actually I think I'd rather my fair city be known as a college football town than a bedbug town but that's just me.)

I might be less likely to bring those little nasty bedbugs into my home from a new thrift store mattress wrapped in plastic than if I bought it at a regular store wrapped in plastic. It's not a major concern for me, but apparently it's a concern in some parts of the city.

Of course, thrift store, usually equals used. A used mattresses usually equals all sorts of Ick Factor I don’t even want to begin to think about. While this particular place sells a donated new in the plastic mattress, it might creep out my guests if they knew I bought it at a thrift store.

What would you do? Would you consider buying a new mattress at a thrift store?

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