Condo Blues: Washi Paper Easter Egg

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Washi Paper Easter Egg

Spent more than two seconds on Pinterest (give me a follow please?) and you will find a super cute washi (pronounced wah-shee) tape something or other. I learned about washi when I visited Japan.

My hostess made and gave me a washi paper Easter egg because I spent Easter break in Japan. Fun fact: I had two Easters that year because I flew over the International Date Line on the flight home.

What is Washi?

Washi is a Japanese paper made from gampi tree, mitsumata, paper mulberry bark and with less water than traditional wood pulp paper. You get washi tape when they pop an acrylic adhesive on the back of washi paper.

Curious? Me too.

How to Make a Washi Paper Easter Egg

My hostess poked a small hole in the ends of a raw egg and blew out the yolk. Once the inside was dry, she carefully covered the egg shell with decoupage and washi paper. Then she popped it into a wicker basket with paper Easter grass and added a bunny so the egg won't get lonely.

My Easter washi is eeeeeggcelant. 
Yeah, I went there.

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