Condo Blues: Craft Room Remodel Before

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Craft Room Remodel Before

I lovingly call my craft room/guest room The Room Where Old Furniture Goes to Die because that's where we shoved everything that didn't have an immediate home after we moved into our condo. For nine years, it looked like this photo from the Pinterest envy busting post I wrote last December

You are jealous of this room, aren't you?

Then Miss Lacey joined our family and taught me a new game: The Floor is Lava.

When Lacey is feeling insecure or feels that Husband and I have stared enough at those boxes on our desks, Lacey grabs something I have stored under the guest room bed,  ever so casually carries it into the computer room, and sits near me so I am sure to notice her because in her mind even bad attention is better than no attention at all.

Here's the current post-Lacey guest room/craft room design:

I have no idea why Better Homes and Gardens hasn't called me to feature my beautiful guest room.

I repositioned the guest bed to give me more floor space to pile stuff use to piece and pin fabric on.

I like having more floor space. So does Lacey.

Stop sewing and cuddle with me pleeeeeeeese?

 Craft Room/Guest Room Remodel Plan

This room is almost a blank slate because other than the mattress and box spring, all of the furniture in this room were freebies. Of course, this is a very green practise but it is also an unattractive hodge podge of not pretty. I was, and am, not opposed to replacing what doesn't work in this room.

I spent a lot of quality time with Visio creating and recreating a floor plan for this room because it is easier to add and subtract furniture electronically than physically.

After I created a floor plan that worked on paper, I tested repositioning the bed. It works and means I can reuse (and makeover) more of the current furniture than I thought. Now I have more money in the budget to slide toward something else in the room.

Who I am kidding? You know I'm going to spend that extra money on new toys for Lacey to destroy because it is not like I can find the stuff in this room I can use to make her toys to hunt down and destuff with wild abandon (better her toys than my shoes!)

Believe it or not, the most difficult part of this room was selecting a color scheme. Over the years, I taped a forest of paint chips to the walls and couldn't find a color I was happy with. I wanted something orangey but couldn't make it work with some of the elements I really want to keep. A good paint sale finally made me decide on a yellow with orangish undertones for the walls which will allow me to keep my childhood toy box and hopefully some of the other red elements I like in this room.

The next obstacle is storage! Storage! Storage! I have a lovely stash of weathered, chippy, reclaimed (lead paint free) wood and plans to build something to keep Lacey out of what I used to store under the bed. Hopefully more room projects will help me cull the rest of the crap uh, treasures I will unearth during the project.

I don't know what I am going to do for linens just yet. Hopefully I will rediscover fabric or something that will shove me in the right direction when the time comes.

What do you like, dream, wish you had in a craft room? Help a gal out!

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