Condo Blues: I Don't Play the Lottery Because Winning Just Leads to Fights About Faucets

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Don't Play the Lottery Because Winning Just Leads to Fights About Faucets

I dreamed Husband and I won the lottery. Then strangers and scammers swarmed our house asking for money for shady reasons. We had to to move so the scammers wouldn't find us and we could donate cheese doodles to our favorite pet charities in peace. Dream logic = pet charities run on cheese doodles or something like that I guess but not really because cheese doodles make dogs gassy. Do you really want to work in a shelter full of gassy doodle dogs? My guess is no.

Then Husband and I got into a huge fight (unusual for us) because I wanted to take the Delta Faucet Company upgrades I made to our condo with us to  the Secret House. Husband said I couldn't take them with us because we could buy new ones BECAUSE WE WON THE LOTTERY LISA!

My Corrente toilet (read about it here.)

And that's why I don't play the lottery. It just leads to fights about faucets.

Let's do a wrap up on real DIY and money saving posts just for fun.

On Lazy Budget Chef I wrote 115 Ways to Save Money That Won't Get You Arrested. It took me a long time to gather and write this post of real tips, so if you could please read it and share it (or lie about reading or sharing it to make me feel like the eye frazzle I got writing it wasn't for nothing) that will make it up to Lacey for me not giving her extra pets last night because I was working late on the big post. Poor Lacey she suffers so.

You can read my post of real tips, with that sass you love from me here.

In other news, I'm going to Blogher 13 in Chicago!

Will I see you there?

BlogHer '13

More importantly, Chicagoans where is your favorite place to get Chicago Deep Dish Pizza? My taste buds need to know.

From the archives:

I'm dusting off my red, white, and blue tie dye drop cloth shoes for the Fourth of July, 

Get the tutorial here.

decorating and DIYing for the Fourth of July with 12 Red, White and Blue DIY Projects

Read the round up of clever here.

...and making peppermint extract with the mint growing on the patio.

Get the tutorial here.

And finally, as a favor to a friend (aka I'm not getting  paid or got trinkets to write about this. I found out about these contests because I bought a new dishwasher with my own moo-la-la and to let you know about them) I want to let you know about a way you can grill or cook your way to winning a kitchen makeover that won't force you to move from your house like I had to do in my dream.
  • Kenmore, chef Bobby Dean, and the New York City Wine Food Festival (valued at $3,400) to cook with celebrity chefs, and have the chance to have your recipe featured in the Kenmore 100th Anniversary cookbook. The theme is my favorite fair food - on a stick!
If I can figure out how to do this on a grill, I'll enter the contest.

  • If you don't live in Ohio, Kenmore is holding a separate on line recipe contest everyone can enter. Create a recipe (no theme for this one) and enter it here by August 1, 2013. The best recipe entered will win a Kitchen Makeover, a spot in the Kenmore Anniversary Cookbook and a trip to the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival to meet Bobby Deen!
  • What's going on with you?

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