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Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Make Duck Tape® Desk Drawer Organizers

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am Spring Cleaning my craft room. I need to reorganize the drawers in my sewing desk.  Fortunately, another Spring Cleaning project gave me a bunch of empty boxes and jars - the perfect raw material to celebrate Earth Day with an upcycled organizer project.

I cut the boxes and a drink holder to fit inside the drawer.  My custom organizers work well but they are not so cute. I gave them a fun makeover with Duck Brand® Tape ( find Duck Tape here) that not only looks prettier but makes the boxes sturdier than they would have been on their own. Bonus!

Custom Craft Drawer Organizers with Duck Tape

You will need: 
Duck Tape® - There are tons of new colors and types including glitter!

Duck Brand Tape Samples
Duck Glitter® Crafting Tapes in Pink and Sliver, Color Duck Tape® in Neon Green and Pink, Duck Tape® Ducklings in Chrome, Pink, Black, and Green.

Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Die cutting machine and circle dies
Empty jars
Empty boxes
Drink carrier
White glue

Make it:

How to make Duck Tape® storage jars

1. Cut three (or as many as needed depending upon the size of your jar lid) pieces of Duck Tape® Ducklings.

2. Overlap the pieces of Duck Tape® to each other to make a custom size horizontal sheet of Duck Tape®. You will use this technique throughout this tutorial.

Make a sheet of Duck Tape
You can cover the side edge of the lid with a piece of Duck Tape® Ducklings if you like. 

3. Use the ruler and rotary cutter to cut a square from the Duck Tape® sheet to fit the jar lid.

4. Cover the jar with your Duck Tape® design. Use the scissors to trim the Duck Tape® as needed.

How to make Duck Tape® storage boxes

I decorated the inside of my storage boxes because I will see it more often than if I put the design on the side.

1. Cover the outside of the box using a combination of Neon Green Color Duck Tape® and Green Duck Tape® Ducklings.

cover box with Duck Tape
 We will make the finished edge in Step 4

2. Attach half  of a strip of Chrome Duck Tape® Ducklings to the top of the box. Clip the Duck Tape® at the corners. This will make a cleaner corner when you fold the Duck Tape® over the top of the box to make a finished edge.

3. Cover the inside of the box with Sliver Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape.

Duck Glitter Crafting Tape
The glitter doesn't shed!

4. Fold the Chrome Duck Tape® Ducklings over the top of the box to make the finished edge.

5. Fold lengths of Neon Green and Pink Duck Tape® on itself and use the die cutting machine to cut random size circles from the Duck Tape®

Die Cut Duck Tape

6. Use white glue to glue the Duck Tape® circles inside the box.

Duck Tape Circle design
7. You can use also use technique to cover and reinforce the top and outside of a drink holder to use as a craft jar caddy.

8. Put it in your desk drawer and get organized!

For more information and Duck Tape® projects follow:

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