Condo Blues: How to Make a Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket with #LifeforLess

Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Make a Milk Carton Easter Bunny Basket with #LifeforLess

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I want to decorate for Easter. I’m running low on ideas that will appeal to our wee holiday visitors.

So I went to Kroger for a little Me Time after an extra challenging dog behavior day and to recharge my creative batteries.

No, I didn’t buy out the store (although I needed a few lactose free items that only Kroger carries.) I printed a $1 off coupon offer for ALL YOU magazine through (while supplies last) and settled into the magazine and a fancy coffee at the in store coffee shop. I don’t know if your Kroger has an in store coffee stand or not but I do know Kroger sells All You in all of their stores nationwide.


Keep reading! I’ll teach you how to make my Easter Bunny basket inspired by All You.

As I sipped my coffee, I read great advice on recipes, projects, and household tips. The coupons in the magazine were a welcome surprise too. A feature on decorating Easter eggs and an Earth Day article about where to recycle difficult to recycle things inspired me to make a basket to hold those Easter eggs from something that might be hard to recycle where you live – a milk carton.

How to Make an Easter Bunny Basket from a Recycled Milk Carton


Say hello to Mr. Bunn!

You will need:

Milk carton
Cotton balls
White glue
Paint brush
Round paper punches
Black, white, and pink paper

Make it: 

1. The pointed top/spout of the milk carton makes the bunny’s face. Turn the milk carton so the cap is facing down and the spout is horizontal and facing you. Use the marker to draw rabbit ears on the top of the milk carton. When you cut the ears out with the scissors, you will make the body of the basket.

Caution: Do not cut the bottom of the bunny ears off the milk carton or will will have a bald bunny! Don’t worry you won’t see the tab at the bottom of the ears when we finish Step 3.  

I made a paper pattern to trace to make sure my bunny ears are the correct size and symmetrical.

2. Flip the ears toward the front of the milk carton (the face.) Use the scissors to trim the top of the basket and make it a rectangle if needed. Chances are, it will be needed.

3. Apply white glue to the entire side of the milk carton with a paint brush. Fluff the cotton balls and attach them to the side of the milk carton. Cover the sides and front of the milk carton with cotton balls and allow it to dry.

This technique is less messy than putting the glue on the bottom of the cotton ball and sticking it to the milk carton.

4. Unroll and fluff a cotton ball. Glue it to the outside edge of each of the Mr. Bunn’s ears.

We’ll take care of that empty space in the center of the ears in Step 6.

5. Make the Easter Bunny’s tail by unwrapping a cotton ball and rewrapping around the outside of a second cotton ball. Glue the tail into place.

Fluffy bunny tail!

6. Cut the inside of the bunny’s ears and triangle nose from the pink paper. Use the paper punches to punch white and black circles for the eyes. Make the whiskers by cutting a long bow tie shape from black paper and fringe the edges.


7. Glue the face and inside of the ears into place and fill your basket with Easter grass and treats!

I like to use and reuse from year to year paper ‘grass’ because it is eco friendly and helps us celebrate Earth Day every day. When the grass gets too worn to use, we recycle it or put it in our compost bin. 

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