Condo Blues: Outdoor Christmas Décor: Modern Lighted Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Friday, December 19, 2014

Outdoor Christmas Décor: Modern Lighted Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

For as much I enjoy looking at Christmas light displays you’d think I’d do something fancy outside of my own home.

modern tomato cage Christmas tree with lights
Nope. I keep it simple.


Because it is always too cold outside to put up and take down elaborate Christmas decorations!

Peace, love, joy, and warmth. That’s what my outdoor Christmas décor is all about.

And by warmth I mean not freezing my legs off while I’m outside or in the garage building new Christmas decorations.

This year I made a few changes in our outdoor Christmas décor and especially in what I used to display them. I wore the right work pants for the job, my Duluth Trading Company Women's Fleece-Lined DuluthFlex Fire Hose Pants.

Did I mention these multi-pocketed wonder pants are lined with warm and soft fleece, one of my favorite cold weather fabrics? Oh yes, my friends. My new fancy pants kept me warm while installing Christmas decorations. They proved their worth later that evening on a walk with Lacey to look at Christmas lights a local park. We left early because Husband wore jeans and got cold. Me? Not cold at all.

fleece lined fire hose pants
The best thing about Duluth Trading Company clothes is they realize women need just as many pockets in their clothing as men.  DuluthFlex Fire Hose Pants have six packets: 2 front pockets, a zippered thigh cargo pocket, 2 back pockets, and a Pokey Things Pocket (their name, not mine) on the right back thigh.

Don’t worry guys. If you need a rugged pair of work pants Duluth Trading Company makes lined and unlined DuluthFlex Fire Hose Pants for men too. They say their Fire Hose pants stand up to just about anything because they are made from the same material they use to make fire hoses.

I didn’t have an chance to test that for this post but if my DuluthFlex Dry on the Fly Skort which isn’t made from fire hose material can stand up to a T Rex on our recent vacation, I’m confident about the durability of their Fire Hose pants.

I went on vacation to Florida and all I got was this T Rex. 
In the strange coincidence that is my life, 10 minutes after Husband tool this picture of me in my Duluth Trading Company skort, I checked my email and got the opportunity to try Duluth Trading Company’s Fire Hose pants. How did Duluth Trading Company know I’d need more durable clothing if I am going to regularly wrestle dinosaurs?

How to Make Modern Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Wanted something to jazz up our front door for Christmas but with a massive garage clean out and organization project in my very near future, didn’t want to buy something I may not have room to store.

Fortunately I bought green powder coated tomato cages for our garden that I can easily upcycle into tomato cage Christmas tree decorations. There are more permanent ways to make tomato cage Christmas trees than this. I chose the temporary decoration route so I can easily take the trees apart if I need to use it to grow tomatoes next summer.

modern tomato cage Christmas tree with lights

Simple. Simple. Simple.

I didn’t have to do much of anything to make them look fancy or modern other than flip the tomato cage upside down, tie the stakes together with green garden twine, and decorate the tree with red Christmas balls and a string of lights for fun.

how to make tomato cage Christmas tree
I had to use quite a bit of twine to tie the legs together on the slippery metal legs. If I had wire or a zip tie I could have used less to do the job.

I taped two homemade recycled aluminum can stars together with duct tape and slipped it over  the top of each tomato cage Christmas tree.

If you don’t have spare cans lying around, my cardboard Duck Tape stars work too.

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Disclosure: Duluth Trading Company supplied product to facilitate this review. This did not influence my opinion because all opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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