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Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Kid Craft: Waterless Mason Jar Snow Globes

Last Christmas my nephews Mr. 5 of 10 and Mr. 9 of 10 surprised Husband and I with a homemade Christmas gift. My sister-in-law said that they wanted to make a Christmas gift for me because I often make gifts for them. Yay!

My sister-in-law tried to hedge things a bit by saying, “it might not be very good…” as I unwrapped our gift but I cut her off with a happy squeal. “Look the boys made us a mason jar snow globe! I love it!”

Because I do. 

diy waterless Christmas snow globe

With a little adult help, your kids can make waterless mason jar snow globes too. They make fabulous gifts and even better Christmas decorations!

Handmade Christmas Décor: Mason Jar Snow Globes

You will need:

Blue pint size Ball Mason jar
Serrated knife
Artificial snow scatter flakes (Amazon sells them here)

Make it:

1. Use the pen and the metal mason jar lid to trace a circle on the Styrofoam.

2. Young children may need help from an adult with this step. Carefully cut the circle out of the Styrofoam using a serrated knife, such as a bread knife. I think serrated knives make cutting Styrofoam a bit easier but use your best judgment especially if you are helping the kiddos do this project.

make snowglobe base

3. Glue the figure(s) to the top of the Styrofoam base. I don’t know what type of the glue my nephews used for this project is a kid friendly school glue or a Mom used hot glue for us.

mason jar snow globe figures
Dogs wearing Santa hats. How perfect! Do they know us or what?

4. Pour some fake snow flakes into the mason jar.

mason jar snow globe decoration
Let it snow!

5. Put the figures inside the mason jar and screw on the lid.

Mason jar Christmas snowglobe

6. Wrap it up and listen to your aunt and uncle squeal with delight when they open your homemade Christmas gift.

7. Display proudly!

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