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Monday, December 22, 2014

42 Homemade Christmas Gift Tags

I like wrapping a pretty gifts for Christmas. I keep a box of gift boxes and bags I reuse every year and another box of wrapping paper and things like silk flowers, fabric ribbon, and bows I recycle into clever gift toppers for the Christmas gifts I need to ship.

  42 handmade printable gift tags r

For the gifts I deliver in person, I made gift wrapping easier on myself by using the reusable cloth gift bags I sewed from my historical costuming scrap stash. I still get the pretty and fancy look I like but with a time and sanity saving green twist because I reuse my homemade gift bags year after year.

I sewed my cloth gift bags as a post- Christmas cabin fever project and used them the following year. Read my homemade cloth gift bag tutorial here.

With all of the attention I pay to buying meaningful gifts and their fancy wrappings, I’m ashamed to say I have long history of phoning it in when it comes to Christmas gift tags.

In the beginning when I was single and broke. Folding over a square of scrap gift wrap was cheaper than buying premade tags. I mean, it matched the wrapping paper.

For a long time I recycled the front of Christmas cards as gift tags for the following year because I’m lazy it is eco-friendly  – until everyone started sending ecards instead of paper.

One year I made an effort to make clever gift tags by upcycling telephone book pages and old business cards. Clever, but they don’t quite go with my glammy brocade and velvet gift bags.

42 DIY Christmas Gift Tags

I put together a collection of handmade gift tags from some of my favorite crafty bloggers. Many of these gifts tags can be reused as gift tags or as a Christmas tree ornament the following year. Love that!

5 DIY Gift Tags

1. DIY Glitter Mustache Gift Tags – Mod Podge Rocks
2. Chalkboard Gift Tags – Tried and True
3. DIY Mini Picture Frame Gift Tag  - My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
4. Aluminum can gift tag – Lazy Budget Chef
5.  DIY Christmas Tags – live.laugh.rowe


6 – 16. 12 Days of DIY Gift Tags – One Dog Woof. ChiWei is brilliant and I can’t choose which one of her gift tags is my favorite because they are all so cute. Her designs are so clever and deliberate you’d never know she made most of them from bits and bob she found around her house. They look like she spent hours designing these tags.

8 handmade gift tags

17. Glitter Candy Cane Ho Ho Ho Tag – Archiver’s
18. Popsicle stick gift tag – a little hut
19. Fabric Gift Tags – Practically Functional
20. Sewing Pattern Gift Tags – emeraldandella
21. Paint chip gift tag – A Spoonsful of Sugar
22. Washi Tape Gift Tags – The Thinking Closet
23. RainyDayColors - Gift Tags with Bunting
24.  Frozen Olaf gift tag tutorial – Summer Scraps
25 - 42. 16 Free Holiday Gift Tag Printables – Domestic Superhero

16 Holiday Gift Tag printables

What to you use for gift tags?

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