Condo Blues: 18 Unique DIY Floors to Inspire You

Friday, February 6, 2015

18 Unique DIY Floors to Inspire You

 I’m still not sure if or what I want to do with our master bedroom floor as I plan our water damage remodels. Carpet? Hardwood? Or something else?

18 Amazing DIY Floors to Try Right Now

Since I am a nontraditional gal, who likes to build, decorate, and renovate with nontraditional materials, maybe one of these fabulous non traditional flooring ideas I put in this roundup might be the one? Let’s go idea shopping!

DIY Geometric  Wood Flooring For $80! – Vintage Revivals. She made and installed this floor for a vintage camper. It would be a stunning floor in any room of a house.


How To Glitter A Concrete Floor – Crafty Chica. A floor as sparkly and bright as Kathy’s personality.

diy glittter floor

Painted wooden crate stairsFunky Junk Interiors. If you can’t find old wood or crates to make flooring, use paint and stencils to get the look.

painted wood crate stair treads

Cheap Flooring: Lath Floor – Nellie Bellie. She painted the lath floors after she installed them.

DIY lath flooring
The Lath Floor: Did it Hold Up? – Nellie Bellie answers all of the questions you may have about her lath flooring and what she thinks about living with it one year later.

Painted Plywood Floors: A How-to – Lovely Etc. She uses a stencil to paint her floors. You can use this tutorial to paint your floors a solid color if that is more to your liking.

painted plywood floor
Painted Plywood Floors Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Lovely, Etc. Carrie’s update on how she likes living with painted plywood flooring.

Recycled Record Floor – That Bald Chick. This would be a fun floor for a music or family room. I wonder how much poly is needed to fill the spaces in between the records?

record floor

Beach Stone Tile Floor – Merrypad. Emily collected shale from her family’s favorite beach and used it to make a durable stone floor.


Pallet Wood Floors – A Building We Shall Go! You know someone was going to make flooring out of every DIYer’s favorite recycled material – pallets!

pallet wood floor

Make Your Own Flooring with 1×6 Pine – The Shabby Chic Cottage. If you want a more uniform wood floor than you will get with pallets.

wood floors

How to Pour Self Leveling Cement – The Art of Doing Stuff. If you are into the industrial look.

how to pour self leveling cement

DIY Stained Concrete Kitchen and Laundry Room Floor – KnittingGirl40. If you later decide your industrial concrete floor needs a little sumptin’ sumptin’.


Penny Floor Mosaic – Amanda Edwards.  A fun take on traditional ceramic penny tile – use real pennies!

penny floor

Screen printed paper floors – Lazy Cozy

screen printed paper floors

Chalkboard Paint Floor – Homedit.  Is there nothing chalkboard paint can’t cover and make cool?

chalk board paint floor

Bottle Cap Floor – Trendhunter. An incentive to keep adding to my bottle cap collection!

bottle cap floor

Wine Cork Flooring -  Phoenix Commotion. If beer or soda isn’t your thing, open a bottle of wine, and save the corks to make wine cork flooring. 

How to Paint Vinyl or Linoleum Floors- Home is Where My Heart Is.  Don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with removing a vinyl floor? Paint it instead!

painted vinyl floors

Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial – Domestic Imperfection

paper bag flooring

My Paper Bag Floor – One Year Later and Guest Room Paper Flooring (and why I’m disappointed with it) – Domestic Imperfection – A follow ups on how Ashley’s family is living with paper bag flooring in two rooms of her house. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Which one is your favorite?

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