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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Romantic Pink Rose Centerpiece

 Husband likes to surprise me with flowers – often. I’ve gotten decent at arranging flowers by necessity. (I know you feel sorry for me.)  A few times, people have asked me to do flowers for them, most recently for Mother and Father-in-Law’s 50th anniversary party.

By luck I bought the flowers for their centerpieces from ProFlowers because they were having a rose sale. That’s when I clued in that ProFlowers sells flowers you can arrange any way you want.

masuline romantic rose centerpiece

Need a DIY fresh flower Valentine’s Day, wedding, anniversary, or party centerpiece? Keep reading I’ll teach you how I made this one!

Husband laughs at me for this because just about every vase I own is from old Proflowers bouquets.
Proflowers challenged several bloggers to create a new Valentine’s Day centerpiece from any combination of Proflowers arrangements I choose. It seems perfectly natural to flex my creative flower arranging muscles and accept Proflowers Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Challenge. This will be fun!

I choose the All the Frills bouquet because it has pink roses (which is how we started dating) and I think the green Fiji mums are a more masculine. I also ordered the Deluxe Heart Shaped Terrarium for a touch of something unexpected and different. 

Proflowers Centerpiece Challenge Flowers
Hey, Lisa these flowers look pretty enough to eat!
Don’t worry, I won’t.

Some of my favorite displays are when I simply swapped using a vase for something else like a silver teapot.  I like to use levels to add interest by either cutting the steams low, middle, and high. In this case I did both. I used taper, tea light, and votive candleholders as vases. I cut the flower stems short so the are in line with the top of the candle holder for a modern look. 

hwo to use candle holder as flower vase

I like to use glass vase fillers to keep flowers put instead of  florist foam or oasis. Glass vase fillers add an extra sprinkle of color to the bottom of the arrangement if you are using a clear glass container like I am here. They are also easy to clean and reuse. I put mine in the silverware basket and run them through the dishwasher.

how to make masculine flower centerpiece

I filled a row of votive and a row tea light candleholders with red glass vase fillers. This will be my low and a low medium.  I put the Fiji Mums in the front tea light candle holders and I alternated the rose colors behind them in the votives. The roses needed a background.  I removed some ruscus leaves from their stems and put two behind each rose bud.

how to hide florist foam

I propped the Heart Terrarium in front of the tall candleholder on its side. The spiky air plants play off the texture of the Fiji Mums. Originally I removed the Be Mine banner from the terrarium thinking it might be a little trite for a modern arrangement. Later I put it back. I like how it makes the terrarium look festive and the red in the banner ties in with the red anchoring elements of the centerpiece.

I cut a pink rose to fit in the candlestick turned bud vase. I hid pieces of the round flower oasis that came with my Proflowers bouquet behind the Heart Terrarium and used it to anchor two stems of ruscus I cut to size and carefully shaped into a curve behind the heart and in front of the tall candle holder. 

romantic and modern rose centerpiece

I placed red glass cube vase fillers in the front, back and sides of the candle tray to keep everything from from shifting. I used the last of the round vase fillers to cover the oasis and help it stay moist.

what are those things called in the bottom of flower vase

Lastly, I mixed the flower food packet in water and filled all of the candleholders turned vases and floral foam with the mixture.

masuline romantic rose centerpiece

What did I do with the alstroemeria that came with The All the Frills bouquet?

Husband took care of that for me.

Husband  sent me a  Proflowers Pink Romance bouquet for Valentine’s Day. He ordered my gift before he knew I was doing the ProFlowers Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Challenge.  The Pink Romance bouquet also has alstroemeria. It  welcomed the unused flowers from my challenge All The Frills bouquet into the vase that is sitting on my desk as I type.

 I feel to lucky and spoiled to have fresh flowers in the house!

What a guy!

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Disclaimer: ProFlowers provided the bouquet and terrarium I used to create a centerpiece for their Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Challenge. This did not influence my opinion because I have been a long term customer of ProFlowers and like them already. My husband bought the bouquet he gave me with his own money and not through any special discounts or deals that isn't available to the general public.

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