Condo Blues: 29 Best DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas

Sunday, February 15, 2015

29 Best DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas

Anytime I need to take a breath and chill out, I close my eyes and picture a lovely Caribbean beach. It is my mental happy place. The crystal blue ocean, gentle sound of the sea, and warm beach calm me down. Daydreaming about the attentive and attractive pool boys serving me tasty Mai Tais on my personal pretend beach doesn’t hurt either. My Mind Palace. My Rules.

I can’t help but think that’s the reason why so many people like to decorate their homes in a nautical, coastal, beach style. So they can live on a pleasant, peaceful beach year round especially for those of us dealing with snow, cold, and landlocked cities.

Or you might just like that coastal style for the sake of just liking coastal style. That’s cool too.

Whatever your reasoning, beach lovers, check out this roundup of 29 Beach Crafts: Coastal DIY Wall Art by Crafts by Amanda for ideas on how to add a dash of beach style to your life on a DIY budget.


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